My Experience Astral Projecting With Plant Medicines

My first experience with astral projection was with the aid of plant mediicnes. Here's what happened

Astral projection is undoubtedly a fascinating, but bizarre phenomenon. Over the last several years, I’ve astral projected just 5 or 6 times, however, each experience has been nothing short of profound.

View astral projection as your consciousness temporarily projecting into the spiritual dimensions, which allows you to experience alternate facets of your multidimensional consciousness.

Those of us who have astral projected recognize that some pretty wild things are happening all around us, at every moment. It’s just a matter of training ourselves to tap into states of consciousness that can perceive these alternative layers of information.

Most of my experiences with astral projection have occurred during deep states of meditation, however, I have also tapped into the astral planes with plant medicines.

My first successful experience with astral projection occurred under the influence of marijuana. I used to be a pretty heavy smoker, yet one experience; the one I’ll explain in this article, was significantly different from any other experience I had with the substance.

Just to be clear, I now only use plant medicines ceremonially usually under the guidance of a shaman or healer to tap into deeper layers of my consciousness. I’ve discovered that plant medicines can be spiritual gateways to alternate realms if used with respect and intention.

I’ve learned to go much deeper into plant medicine experiences, and now I much better understand the realms I’m tapping into.

My first experience with astral projection

My first experience with astral projection occurred around 4 years ago when I was living in Vietnam. The experience left a distinct memory that I won’t soon forget.

I smoked marijuana and lay on my bed as still as possible while observing my thoughts and feelings. This was a normal practice at the time to listen to what the teacher plant wanted to show me, I had no intention to astral project.

I felt like I was sinking deeper into my consciousness and slowly losing my grounding in reality while remaining completely still, breathing almost to a halt, and completely surrendering to the experience. This is where things started to take a life of its own.

I experienced something I now recognize as the bridge between reality and the astral planes; the gateway. I have experienced this phenomenon every time I have astral projected to date and recognize it as a cornerstone of the experience.

Essentially, the gateway is a threshold where my consciousness begins tangibly expanding into new territory. This is characterized by my closed-eye vision stretching out and brightening, the sensation of rapid vibrations in my body, and a feeling as if I’m beginning to disassociate from reality.

This experience is always intense, and can wake me out of my meditative state due to shock, fear, or excitement – which tends to quickly ground me back to reality, thus ending the experience. To successfully pass through this gateway I must remain completely indifferent to the experience, to avoid reactivating my mind. It is a very delicate process.

During my first astral projection experience, it wasn’t very pleasant. As I was passing through the gateway, dark shadows appeared around me and began reaching into my solar plexus area which was causing pain and distress.

At that point I was in between worlds. I was beginning to tap into the astral planes, however I was still lucid and recognized that I was in my apartment. I felt as if I was in danger, however I didn’t know how to navigate the situation. I have discovered that almost all of my encounters with dark entities attack my solar plexus energy center, it has become a common theme in my life.

Encounters with benevolent spirits

Spiritual orb with violet radiant aura

While in a dark space surrounded by shadows, suddenly two orbs entered the space. I intuitively knew they were here to help, and instantly felt relief. 

One of these orbs had a violet radiant aura, and I could distinctly feel the energy of the being. It was feminine, soothing, and felt like someone I have known for a long time. There was no doubt that she was a spirit, however, the sense of familiarity with this being was surreal. I remember it very vividly today.

The other orb was masculine. He had a radiant green aura and a brotherly energy. I felt supported as if he wanted to protect me, like a big brother stepping into the scene when being bullied. At this point, I knew I was in good hands.

I had never before felt that sense of familiarity with another person, yet I felt at complete peace with this orb. After flying around for a moment, the feminine spirit began pulsating light. I witnessed these shadows dissipate in the light and felt at complete ease.

In the following moments, it felt like I was grabbed and shot through a tunnel, following behind these two orbs. As if I was on an interdimensional rollercoaster, my spirit shot out of my body and I was now far disconnected from physical reality.

Exploring the spiritual dimension via astral projection

The nature of my existence was energetic, however it felt strangely familiar as if I had been here many times before. I had no ability to think, at least not from my human mind. Therefore, everything occurred instinctively/intuitively from this point.

After whizzing through this tunnel guided by these two friendly entities who I perceived as orbs, the space opened up to a beautiful realm full of patterns and colors. Like I was on tour, I was moving through this interdimensional space in awe.

At times I would bump into neutral entities. Usually, you instinctively know whether an entity is of the light or dark due to the energy you pick up from them, but neutral entities seem to not have a read at all, meaning they were just there.

There were moments when I felt as if I physically bumped into these entities. There was something there, but I had no idea what it was, or what its intentions may have been.

I remember one moment when it felt as if someone was resting on my shoulder and moving around a little, the same way your partner may rest on your shoulder in bed. The thing is I was alone on my bed in physical reality, so this couldn’t have been a manifestation of someone resting on me. I thought it was a little strange, but didn’t feel uneasy about it.

encounters with neutral entities seemed to occur a few times as I was being brought along on this journey, however, it wasn’t a cause for concern. I felt safe and also had my orb friends with me, so I knew nothing bad would happen.

Encounters with an enlightened being

After moving around for some time exploring this new dimension of experience, I crossed paths with another orb. This orb had a bright silver aura, and instantly I knew it was a being of absolute love, absolute beauty.

I remember this entity very clearly because it was unlike anything I had ever felt before. The only thing I recognized was that this entity was a highly advanced spiritual being, akin to the status of enlightened. Just being in its presence was such an honor. I felt the energy of this being radiating light into me and it was truly blissful. Believe me, I don’t use that word lightly.

The only thing I knew at this moment was that my life had been building up to this moment. Intuitively I knew this was a big deal and just wanted to be in this being’s presence.

That’s when something spectacular happened. I received a download asking if I wanted to come with this entity. It was like a sudden spike of knowing that I was being invited to share an experience with it. It wanted to show me something, and I certainly wasn’t going to turn down the invitation.

The joy I felt was incredible. I was so excited to share an experience with this being and honored to do so. My soul instantly agreed and it felt like I was catapulted through a tunnel. This experience was much more intense than the first tunnel, however it was blissful. I knew I was in a good place and felt accepted by this glowing silver being.

My vision of spiritual warfare

After following this entity through this tunnel at light speed, this leads to the last segment of this astral projection journey. After exiting this light-speed tunnel, the space opened up to another realm, or perhaps a part of a realm, I’m not quite sure.

I remember opening up to a space where I very clearly saw spiritual warfare. This manifested as light and darkness colliding. It felt very raw and violent as energies clashed with one another, the space was beyond grand.

Whatever I witnessed, it was intense. There was an instant understanding that warfare is too a spiritual phenomenon. My whole life I thought warfare was a human construct. After all, surely spirits are much more highly advanced than humans, and these realms would only be love and peace… right?

There was no doubt that what I was experiencing was something real, and this spirit wanted to show me for some reason. It was almost like an epiphany as I witnessed that, but I didn’t know why. I didn’t know what the purpose of knowing this was.

I was only there for a few moments, although time can be difficult to gauge when in these alternate dimensions. From that point, I snapped back into my body. It took a moment to recollect myself. What on Earth did I just witness?

I didn’t sleep much that night while thinking about this profound experience I just had. I started to understand what astral projection is. It’s not about flying around reality and looking at things. Perhaps people experience that too, however, this was interdimensional and undoubtedly spiritual.

Insights from this astral projection experience

Astral Realms

This was my first experience with astral projection, and it was a journey, to say the least. Since then, I’ve experienced astral projection a handful of times without the aid of any plant medicine or substance.

Although the experience is rather rare as I haven’t done any official training, or sought counsel from more experienced teachers, it does continue to happen here and there, and I’m sure it will continue.

I’ve learned that the astral planes are a beautiful, but strange place. Every time I enter this bizarre world, I encounter all sorts of spirits. Most of them are friendly, however, I’ve encountered several dark entities along my astral journeys too, and that can be frightening.

However, I am more excited than ever to be exploring these worlds, and I have now spent a considerable amount of time working in shamanic communities in Latin America, where the medicine people have been incredible teachers.

Astral projection is not an easy process. I certainly haven’t mastered this art, however, it does seem to occur more frequently nowadays as I continue opening my consciousness, exploring my reality, and engaging in various spiritual practices and cultural modalities.

All I have to say is that the astral planes are real. Astral projection is real. Spirits and energies are real. All of this spiritual stuff is real, and we all can train ourselves to tap into it.

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