All the best resources, right at your fingertips

Here’s an archive of valuable resources to help you along your journey of self-betterment and spiritual growth.

These resources range from practical experiences such as meditation retreats and Ayahuasca centers that I personally suggest, to YouTube channels and websites that provide a lot of value. None of these resources are affiliate links. They are all genuine places that I personally know of or have been to/worked at. 


Authentic Vipassana Meditation lists and allows you to book authentic vipassana meditations around the world, and centered in Eastern Asia. These meditation retreats operate on a donation basis, and you will be spending your time in real monasteries with real monks, for the genuine experience.

Authentic Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Gaia Sagrada is an authentic Ayahuasca healing center nestled in the Andes of Ecuador. This center donates most of its income to the local community, and works with several very skilled shamans who are also bilingual. I can personally vouch for this center as a great place to get involved with plant medicines in a safe environment.


Sadhguru is an Indian sage who shares a lot of powerful wisdom and knowledge regarding many different topics, especially those of a spiritual and philosophical nature.

Ashrams are traditional yoga retreat centers that live on the traditions and values of the philosophy. People go to Ashrams to practice spiritual disciplines such as meditation and yoga in communities that are typically isolated from society. This website indexes all the Ashrams around the world that you can volunteer and do work exchanges in.