What Is The Role Of A Spiritual Coach?

In need os a spiritual coach? Let's look at how they may help

You might be at a point along your spiritual journey where you feel unfulfilled. Despite your best attempts to push forward, life continues to pile on the challenges, making you feel lost, or perhaps as if you’re regressing along your journey.

You know you need to go deeper into your journey of growth and healing, but finding someone who can help poses a challenge. Even though their intentions are good, friends and family can’t connect with you, and talking to a therapist might not hit to spot either.

Your issue is existential, which is an area most people aren’t well-versed in. The spiritual growth journey can be a long, lonely path. You need help, but so few people understand your struggles, which can be an alienating feeling.

This is where a spiritual coach plays a role: to guide you down a path that brings you deeper fulfillment.

At certain points, we all need help along our spiritual journeys because no person is an island. This is where mentors, teachers, and coaches play a pivotal role in supporting you when the sailing gets rough.

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What is a spiritual coach?

Look at a spiritual coach as a spiritual-based counselor who can help you navigate your spiritual journey. People tend to seek out spiritual coaches when the nature of their problem is existential (no clear cause or solution).

The point of spiritual coaching is to help individuals develop a deeper connection to the soul via various practices and modalities.

A spiritual coach creates a nurturing space to help people explore themselves and discover a deeper meaning in their lives. In this sense, spiritual coaching tends to focus on holistic aspects of well-being rather than the tangible, goal-oriented side of it that you may see in a life coach.

A spiritual coach can help you accelerate your growth process in all dimensions of your life while facilitating deeper levels of healing, transformation, and growth.

Working with a spiritual coach can guide you toward personal insights and realizations while helping you tackle deep-rooted imbalances, and obstacles within your spiritual path, and blocks.

10 things a spiritual coach can help you with

What can a spiritual coach help with?

  1. Discover a deeper sense of fulfillment: A spiritual coach can help you explore a deeper sense of meaning in your life. They will work with you to figure out how you can put yourself on a better path in alignment with your highest timeline.

  2. Overcome stubborn blocks: Whether you feel like you constantly regress into old ways, self-sabotage, or fall back into painful outlooks regardless of how hard you work on yourself, a spiritual coach will help you find the underlying cause behind these blocks.

  3. Identify and heal trauma: Even though trauma is more of a therapist’s ball game, spiritual coaches usually have a good grip on the healing process and can help you transmute your suffering into wisdom.

  4. Learn more about our universe: If you’re looking to expand your horizons and learn more about how the universe works, there’s no better teacher than a spiritual coach. Whether you’re looking to understand more about the nature of the soul, alternate realms, and spirits, a spiritual coach can help.

  5. Deepen connection to spirit: A spiritual coach can teach you practices, techniques, and modalities to cultivate a deeper connection to your soul nature, to live a more wholesome life.

  6. Become more comfortable in your skin: Spiritual coaches value authenticity and believe that living a life that’s authentic with your values plays a pivotal role in living a fulfilling life. As so, they can help you become more comfortable with yourself, to live in deeper alignment.

  7. Guide the process of spiritual awakening: A spiritual coach will help individuals navigate the turbulent but transformative process of a spiritual awakening. They can help you find a sense of inner stability while the world changes around you, and use the process as a springboard for huge growth and transformation.

  8. Live consciously: Spiritual coaches will emphasize the importance of conscious living, and help you bring your awareness back to the present moment, especially when times get tough.

  9. Connect to your higher purpose: A good spiritual coach will help you discover a higher purpose in your life, rather than beating around the bush and living in unconscious programs. Connecting with a higher source of joy makes your life undoubtedly more meaningful, and is something a spiritual coach can help with.
7 Signs of a goos spiritual coach

What to look for in a spiritual coach?

  1. They have heart: A good spiritual coach will always lead from the heart. They should always come from a place of compassion and understanding and genuinely want to help you expand and improve the quality of your life.

  2. It’s more than money: Someone who steps into the role of a spiritual coach should be of service to humanity, and it should reflect in their behaviors and attitudes. This means that they must have your best interests at heart, and they’re doing it because they genuinely want to help you, not due to social status or money.

  3. They are transparent: Spiritual coaches should be completely transparent about who they are, and what they’re about. They should be authentic and genuine to who they are, without pretending to be above it all. Even though they will provide feedback gently and encouragingly, they aren’t afraid to tell you the truth.

  4. They are present with you: A spiritual coach should be great at holding space for you. They can take the heat if you’re venting, in tears, or expressing yourself in whatever way you need to. This is an important skill for a spiritual coach as they will recognize the need for their clients to purge energies, to heal, and to create room for growth.

  5. They practice what they preach: Spirituality is not a competition, but someone who is teaching others to connect with themselves should have a pretty good grip on it. Ideally, spiritual coaches have a lot of life experience and wisdom to share.

  6. They are no strangers to patience: Because they genuinely understand your struggles, they should be patient with you. A good spiritual coach will push you no doubt, but they will also show compassion in the face of setbacks, and always be there to help you get back on your feet, regardless of where you are, or how many times you fall.

  7. They don’t do it for you: Any spiritual coach claiming that they’re healing you, or doing the transformation for you is a red flag. An authentic spiritual coach will never take credit for your healing or transformation. They will recognize their role as a guide that may help you, but never claim to do it for you.

  8. They explore what you need with you: A spiritual coach who tells you what you need is a red flag because only you are living your experience. A good spiritual coach will actively work with you to peel back layers of the onion to understand what you truly need, but they will not tell you what you need, especially when it feels out of alignment.

  9. They uplift you: If a spiritual coach ever makes you feel unworthy, then they are not the person for you. A spiritual coach is there to empower you. They want to see you grow to your full potential and will bring you up, never push you down or make you feel small.

  10. They are detached from ego: A good spiritual coach should have a deep awareness of their ego self, and have a good handle on it. They should reside in their heart space, not their ego space that needs to feel superior. This means that they don’t talk down to you. They may share insights and understandings but never claim to know everything or reject their humanness.

Finding the right spiritual coach for you

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Maybe you don’t even need a spiritual coach. Maybe you need a life coach or a mindset coach. There are a lot of different mentors out there, and each specializes in different areas. This is why you should assess your needs before seeking a spiritual coach.

What issues are you needing help with? Are you looking for a deeper holistic view of your situation, or something more immediate? Are you looking for actionable steps, or wisdom to improve your life? Think about what you are looking for, and if a spiritual coach is something you would feel a good connection with.

Most importantly, you need to resonate with the spiritual coach you’re seeking out. If you don’t click for whatever reason, then it’s best to continue looking and find someone who you do resonate with.

The reason why you need to resonate with your spiritual coach is because they’re like a mentor. You will develop a deep connection with this person, and they’re going to guide you with their individual life experience and wisdom.

You should know instantly whether you mesh with the person or not. You should feel seen, and like what they have to say. There shouldn’t be any awkwardness or strange energy between the two of you. You should feel inspired by their life story, and they should be able to teach you what they learned through it.

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