Spiritual Warfare: Is War Also A Spiritual Construct?

Opposing energies of light and darkness exist well beyond the realm of humans. Here's everything I know about spiritual warfare

Several years ago during one of my first astral projection experiences, I was led to a space by a benevolent spirit where I vividly witnessed forces of light clashing with forces of darkness for a short period.

At first sight, there was no doubt that this vision was a war between good and evil. Before this experience I had never played with the thought, believing that war is solely a human construct. However, what I saw was tangible evidence of spiritual warfare, and I believe I was shown it for a reason.

Upon returning to my human body, my curiosity about spiritual warfare deepened. I found myself engrossed in deep discussions about it with people from all walks of life, including shamans, monks, mediums, and healers.

I entertained the idea that war does exist within the spiritual dimensions too. In fact, on all levels of reality, not just the physical.

So, does this mean the love and lighters are wrong? That not everything is a manifestation of god’s divine love?

Well, it’s complicated. Here’s what I understand about spiritual warfare.

Does spiritual warfare exist?

Angel fighting a demon

From my understanding, spiritual warfare does exist. There are many different dimensions, and duality is also an aspect of most dimensions. At the core of it all is what we can consider god, or source, or the creator. A singular infinite consciousness that all dimensions, souls, and experiences are a manifestation of.

I believe source has no duality, for source is a realm of totality. Everything is consciousness in the rawest sense, and on this deepest, most fundamental level of reality, there is no separation. There is no good or bad. There is no light or darkness.

I imagine this real as the core of this interdimensional onion. However, the more disconnected a realm or dimensions is – thus the more separate this manifestation is from source, the more diversity, otherwise narrative exists.

In our dimension, which I will call Pachamama (or the universe), there is a whole lot of diversity. Consciousness can undergo horrific levels of suffering, and it can also undergo profound states of bliss and beauty.

Our universe is a realm of contrast, which means there is more to be learned here, because more can be experienced in all shapes and forms.

We all live, and we all die. In the absence of heat exists cold. In the absence of light exists darkness. It seems that, here, in this physical dimension, there is a broad appetite for diversity in all forms, because we are relatively disconnected from source compared to many other dimensions.

Do you see what I’m getting at here? The closer a dimension is to source, the more the experience of consciousness unified into totality. The further away the dimension is from source, the more the experience of consciousness diversifies into duality.

Understanding contrast in other realms

Within my lifetime of spiritual pursuit, I’ve discovered that contrast certainly exists within other dimensions too. I’ve now spent 8 years traveling the world, and I’ve gotten deeply involved in shamanic healing spaces and communities in Latin America.

I’ve had my fair share of spiritual encounters by this point, from a kundalini awakening, astral projection, out-of-body experiences, witnessing spiritual possessions and exorcisms, and tapping into all sorts of dimensions, energies, and spirits via shamanic medicines.

Let me tell you, there are a lot of beautiful energies and entities out there, but there are also dark entities, beings, and energies that can certainly cause harm.

As with humans, spirits, entities, and energies also have light and darkness. Likewise, spirits can also be neutral, and not have any agenda. Like many people, they’re just getting on with their lives, and don’t really care about you.

But to reiterate, darkness certainly does exist in these realms too.

Spiritual warfare infographic flyer omnism

Where does spiritual warfare fit in?

If there exists light, there must also exist darkness. Imagine darkness as the shadow of light, the rotten, unhealed underbelly. If there was no darkness, there would be no healing, beauty, or contrast.

The role of darkness is to destroy and decay, while the role of light is to create and nourish. This creates a cycle of movement, growth, and learning, and one does not exist independently of the other.

The concept of light and dark is a manifestation of vibration, which, to my knowedge all dimensions are vibratory in nature, while every expression of consciousness too has a vibration. The faster the vibration, the 

Spiritual warfare is a concept that is expressed in various religions and scriptures. As I’ve expressed in this article about omnism, every spiritual belief has a conception of darkness. You see this conception in the bible, which expresses darkness as demonic forces, and the manifestation of the devil – or anti-god.

Apart from the bible, spiritual warfare is a major theme of Zoroastrianism which originated in Persia and is one of the longest practiced religions standing today. This is where the wisdom of good vs evil as a spiritual phenomenon took root.

Likewise, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, new-age beliefs and many indigenous beliefs also incorporate the theme of light and darkness, good and evil, and the eternal struggle that takes place between these opposing forces.

One thing I’ve repetedly said on this website, is that if a theme continuously repeats itself amongst all religions and belief systems, then it must be based in truth.

Spiritual warfare, and the ongoing war between light and darkness that permeates dimensions is true.

Did god create evil?

When discussing this topic, a common question people ask me is: ‘Why would god create the devil?’

Fair question, my answer is that what we interpret as the devil, or anti-god is a manifestation. As within realms of duality, light must be constructed with darkness. If there exists a creator, there also must exist an anti-creator, which is understood as the devil.

Likewise, if there are heavenly realms, there also must exist hellish realms, otherwise there would be no contrast, thus diversity to the experience of consciousness.

In this sense, I don’t think god was sitting in a room saying “You know what, I’m going to create a devil for lols”. No, the devil, or hell, or the darkness of consciousness is the counterweight, the byproduct, a manifestation of consciousness that allows it to undergo a broader and more diverse experience.

If only light existed, there wouldn’t be much to undergo. Therefore, the devil is a symbol of the counterweight of god, of creation, which in its own way brings balance to the many dimensions.

How spiritual warfare manifests today

Person in a dark shroud

Even though spiritual warfare is a spiritual dynamic, it manifests in every layer of reality, meaning we are experiencing it here on Earth too.

Light and darkness permeate through almost all layers of reality. This means that the existence of light and darkness manifests warfare, or rather a cosmic tangle between these opposing energies in all dimensions that are dualistic.

These energies of light and darkness have varying degrees and manifest in different ways.

In our universe, darkness manifests as things such as suffering, trauma, pain, horror, exploitation, corruption, murder, totalitarianism, and the list goes on. Anything we consider to be evil, generally, is a manifestation of darkness. Light manifests as love, joy, compassion, beauty, peace, healing, help, support, protection, equality, and so forth.

Within realms of duality, there will always be a cosmic dance between energies of light and energies of darkness. The light strives to heal the darkness, and the darkness strives to corrupt the light.

In modern reality, we see spiritual warfare manifest in many dynamics that are playing out today.

For example, we have dark powers trying to control the world and humanity, suppress information, and reduce the human population. We understand this entity as the Cabal, which most governments are deeply interwebbed with.

There are dark forces at the helm, and corruption is an understatement of what we’re experiencing on Earth. Don’t fall for the ‘we’re just trying to help you’, because if my spiritual experiences have shown me anything, it’s that there is a lot of darkness infiltrating the government, education, healthcare, and essentially every government branch of society.

Of course, there are good people everywhere too, and within these places. Arguably, most people are good in these places, however dark forces are in control and manipulating humanity in a way that certainly does not serve us.

On the other hand, we have lightworkers, healers, and people who are trying to heal humanity and raise its vibration. There is a movement of people waking up to these deeper levels of reality, and wanting to have some skin in the game.

Where do you fit in?

To turn the tides of society, we must serve the light. We must serve the light by bringing it into the world in whatever way we can.

This may be through education, through healing, through creation, through helping. However, you can be a conduit for light to come into this dimension, you must do so, otherwise, the world may become a much darker place than it is today because there are certainly people who are conduits for darkness.

This is spiritual warfare.

It’s not a giant battle that everyone is aware of. It’s a discrete movement of humanity, where some are creating more suffering, and others are creating more healing. As long as more people evolve conscientiously, heal, and give back to the world, then the light can become the prevailing force of humanity.

With that said, we are all fighting this war in our own ways. It’s not with bullets or nuclear arms. It’s by healing others, awakening consciousness, and doing our parts to help humanity flourish.

Spiritual awakening seems to be at the core of this war, and I believe the awakening of humanity is what will turn the tide.

So be the light this world needs, because each person makes a difference to the collective consciousness. Together, we can heal it, which in turn will manifest a much more beautiful world for everyone to enjoy.

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