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About Symbosity

Become the best version of yourself, without the BS

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Excel your growth journey

Symbosity is an educational platform on all topics regarding personal growth. This website is here to ultimately help you become a better person, by giving you the resources, tools, and knowledge to recreate yourself.

By setting yourself on a path of personal growth, you become a creator. You have the power to create the life you want (and to become the person you want to become), but you need good guidance.

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Daniel Hannah working at a shamanic healing center

About me

I'm Daniel, and I manage this website. My journey into personal development started when I was a young adult, trying to find a route out of my suffering.

I found that personal development was the key, and the realization that I could change liberated me. Following this road has been the best investment I have ever made, and ten years later, my life experience has transformed dramatically.

I opened myself up to coaching in 2022, to help people who are embarking on a similar journey, and looking for guidance when the sailing gets choppy.

Why listen to me?

The intention revolves around you

All of my content is free, and Symbosity will remain clean and user friendly. This means that you don’t need to worry about cheap marketing tricks, visual pollution, or tacky paywalls. This site is about you.

My content never ages

The content on this website is designed to last. This means that the articles here will remain relevant and applicable, and you can always use them as a reference. In saying that, the articles are regularly revised and edited, to build upon comprehensive guides for all areas of personal development.

Everything I teach is genuine

Many content creators focus on statistics, traffic, and monetization instead of  providing genuine information that people can use. Take one look at the search results for any given query, and mostly it’s surface-level copy-pasting without providing any real value.

For Symbosity, everything I write about comes from my own life experiences and the wisdom I have gained throughout them. I don’t want to follow trends, I want to give you unique perspectives that you can benefit from, by using my life story as a foundation for my teachings.