Guidance and Clarity for your Personal Growth Journey

A holistic/Spiritual oriented approach towards coaching. Stop spinning your wheels, and excel towards your evolution.

The personal growth journey can be challenging because it’s an extremely personal journey. As you delve deeper into the depths of your consciousness, you realize that the personal growth journey can be an alienating journey.

Your friends brush off the conversation. Your family questions your sanity.

It seems like everyone is getting along with their happy lives, but you’re losing your mind. You’re having experiences that can’t be qualified, or quantified, and the bridge between you and everyone else seems to get wider and wider.

But you’re not going crazy. You’re just going a little deeper into spirit than most people are willing to go. And that’s not a bad thing.

It’s frustrating, it’s daunting, and sometimes it feels hopeless as you go around in circles, trying to figure out how to move past these blocks, but you just can’t seem to do it.

As you step into these new territories of consciousness, the personal growth journey can feel like a labyrinth.

This is where guidance can play a pivotal role in your personal growth journey – To help you rediscover the path to your highest timeline.

The spiritual approach to coaching

Calls are casual, spirituality-focused, and personalized depending on your needs and wants.

Here’s what you can expect from booking a session with me.

Talk to someone who understands

Don't worry about sounding like you've lost your mind, speak with someone who works within these deeper realms of consciousness and understands your struggles.

Overcome blockages

Sometimes it can take months, even years to move forwards with a situation on our own, not knowing what we're doing wrong or how to improve. I can help you identify some of your core blocks, and lead you towards a resolution.

Gain clarity moving forward

We'll work together to map out a path you can take that fills you with inspiration and motivation.

Learn new modalities

Looking for more tools to help? I can lead you through breathwork techniques, meditation, and other handy techniques suitable to your needs.

Daniel Hannah

In 2014 I experienced a kundalini awakening that changed my life.

To make sense of this new dimension of consciousness that the experience unlocked, I decided to pack everything I own into a backpack and set off to travel the world in 2016.

For seven years I lived a nomadic lifestyle while searching for deeper meaning in my life. During these years I have lived in Vietnam, the US, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador.

During this period of exploration, I began working closely with shamanic traditions in Latin America. It was during this time that I decided to open myself up to coaching, to support other people along their personal growth journeys.

I suggest that you read some of my articles to get a feel for who I am and how I can help you.

You can learn more about my story here.

Step 1: Book a session

Book a call by following the calendar link (below on phone, right on PC). Pick a day and time on the calendar to book a 1 on 1 video call with me for support and guidance.

You’ll receive an email with a link to the video chat after booking in a time. At the time of our session, click the link and it will take you to the chat room.

Step 2: Pay for the session

Pay the fee before our call to confirm. The one-hour video call is a one-time investment of USD $50

Please pay for the session before the call starts to secure your place.