I'm Daniel Hannah, I've spent the last 7 years on a nomadic self-discovery journey

Daniel Hannah in Austin TX

I’m more than just a traveler, I’m an explorer, both of the external world and more importantly, the internal landscape.

After experiencing a kundalini awakening in 2014, I decided to pack everything I own into a backpack and set off on a nomadic journey of self-discovery.

During this time I have lived in Brazil, Vietnam, the US, Mexico, Guatemala, and Ecuador, and Peru while working closely with various traditions, teachers, and healing modalities.

My interest in healing via plant medicines has led me to work closely with shamanic traditions, most notably with the sacred medicine of Ayahuasca.

My journey of inner and outer discovery has led me into some interesting realms of consciousness, from breathwork and meditation to astral projection and Reiki healing.

While still very much a student of life, I’m here to share the insights, tools, and techniques I’ve learned along this incredible journey of self-discovery.

I discovered the keys to my happiness through actualization and personal transformation. Now I feel it’s only right to pass on everything I have learned and help other people who are embarking on a similar journey.

My work has been featured on Psychedelics Today, Tiny Buddha, Backpack Buddha, Live Purposefully Now, and Gaia Sagrada.

You can view my video content on YouTube by following this link.

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Holistic life coaching

With years of experience helping people through their transformation processes, I coach people who feel stuck in their healing journey or are struggling to gain clarity moving forward.

Whether you’re seeking help to overcome particular blocks, you’re looking for some solid advice, or you just need someone to talk to who will understand you from a spiritual perspective and hold the space for you, book a session with me, and we’ll get to the roots of it.

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