The Opportunity Mindset: Stepping into a Life Full of Opportunity

Adopt an opportunity mindset to identify, discover, and attract more opportunities into your life

What is the opportunity mindset?

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Someone without an opportunity mindset might thoughtlessly brush off an invitation to meet new people. Someone with an opportunity mindset is likely to think about the potential doorways this experience could open up – And is more likely to pursue it.

To get started, visit the article below to learn more about the growth mindset:

You're always abundant in opportunities

But every day you can make different decisions.

You can try new things, meet new people, and go to new events.

You can reach out to friends, try a new hobby, and change up your routine.

There’s an infinite amount of possibilities, and you never know where any one of these things will lead you.

By looking at all the different pathways you can take daily, you will never feel like you’re trapped. And if you do, it’s because you’re not changing things up.

Opportunity mindset vs threat mindset

Making wiser decisions with your life

The opportunity mindset

Navigating the major life decisions

But don’t beat yourself up. We are human and it’s okay to make some bad decisions, that’s how we learn after all. But realize just how important your decisions are, and strive to make better ones that will serve your growth.

To take full responsibility for your decisions, read the article below:

Are you a yes person or a no person?

Identifying windows of opportunity

Windows of opportunity

A window might appear in the form of a partner or relationship, jobs, avocations, friends, hobbies, or anything at all. The more determined you are the follow that particular path, the further it will lead you into a different lifestyle.

Utilizing opportunities is about seeing these windows all around you, and the pathways each window potential leads to. You will never know what could have been if you always let these windows close, and never take a risk to find out.

Start making more connections

Keep an open mind

The opportunity cost: Weighing up the pros and cons


Assessing the opportunity cost for big life decisions

Always exercise caution, but don’t let moderated cautiousness mutate into paranoia. Some situations are dangerous. Some are not worth the potential loss-to-gain ratio.

If the opportunity doesn’t seem like it’s worth the potential payoff, don’t follow through with it. But if you identify that it’s solely fear holding you back and taking the opportunity is likely a good move, then do it.

Reframing how you perceive challenges

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Overcoming resistance to change

Seeing obstacles as challenges

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