Christ Consciousness: The Highest Expression of Love

Learn about Christ consciousness: A loving expression of consciousness exemplified by Jesus Christ

Along your soul-searching journey, you’ve probably run into the occasional disheveled pot-smoker claiming they’re Jesus Christ. I certainly have, but perhaps you have stumbled upon the term Christ consciousness – representing the divine state of awareness exemplified by Jesus Christ.

Everything that exists are different expressions of god’s infinitely creative consciousness. Within the many expressions of consciousness exists Christ consciousness: A state of being representing a divine connection with source – which was most notably embodied by Jesus Christ.

Here I’m going to unpack what Christ consciousness is from my understanding. I assert that Christ consciousness doesn’t have anything to do with Christianity or religion. It’s simply an expression of consciousness, as all things are.

What is Christ Consciousness?

Statue of Christ, Rio

Christ consciousness is revered as a powerful cosmic force of love and compassion that permeates every particle of the being experiencing it. You can view it as an elevated state of spiritual awareness akin to enlightenment.

Christ Consciousness is not the consciousness of Jesus Christ. It’s an expression of consciousness that Jesus embodied via advanced soul progression and spiritual discipline.

Jesus Christ exemplified this expression of consciousness, however, it doesn’t pertain to any particular person or religion. Everybody can tap into this expression of divine love regardless of their religion, beliefs, background, or ethnicity.

After all, Christ consciousness is a universal energy that is always within reach. We just don’t have the right keys to access it.

Characterizing Christ consciousness

To paint a picture of the experience of Christ consciousness, imagine walking in Jesus’ shoes and experiencing life through his eyes.

Can you imagine the unconditional love he had for all people and things without judgment or bias, but understanding, regardless of how much suffering they caused him? Can you imagine being in service to this love, with only a desire to help, heal, and serve humanity?

Try to picture the compassion a loving mother has for her kid. Could you imagine that same compassion and nurturing spirit spread to all people, animals, and living things?

As regular people, we might create a picture, but the true embodiment of this energy would be profound – to the extent that we simply can’t understand it without experiencing it.

The deeper a being’s connection is to source (or god), the lighter it is – resulting in a higher expression of love. The more disconnected from source, the darker it is – resulting in a deeper expression of suffering.

Christ consciousness is an expression that is deeply connected to source. This means it’s heavenly, made of light energy, benevolent, and high-vibrational.

Characteristics associated with Christ consciousness include:

      • Divine awareness
      • Light energy
      • Benevolence
      • Unconditional Love
      • Compassion for all living things
      • Forgiveness
      • Faith
      • Integrity

    Understanding expressions of consciousness

    Higher realms of consciousness

    From my understanding, consciousness exists independently of the being experiencing it. Your body will eventually die and the experience of consciousness will change because you are no longer experiencing it from the perspective of a human.

    Consciousness is any form of awareness that comes in many different flavors – or expressions.

    There exist expressions of consciousness that are dark, and there are also light expressions. Some are mischievous, others may be humorous, or devious as seen in particular people or spirits.

    The individual is experiencing something, but they are either the embodiment of an expression, or tapping into one.

    Rather than viewing consciousness as an individual phenomenon, look at each form of consciousness as universal energies that individuals may tap into.

    Therefore an expression of consciousness is not necessarily an individual’s awareness, but rather a state of consciousness they’re experiencing. Deities represented in various religions are different expressions of consciousness, otherwise, flavors of energy we can tap into.

    Tapping into expressions of consciousness

    Some days you might be experiencing heaven on Earth, other days it’s hell. The human condition is volatile, and we’re constantly connecting to different energies. Our physiology plays a role in our emotions, perceptions, and beliefs, but consciousness itself is another story.

    During my journey exploring the spiritual worlds via various modalities such as shamanism and astral projection, I’ve encountered many different qualities of energy along my journeys.

    A kundalini awakening I experienced many years ago was an absolute expression of potential and understanding. It was a profound state of consciousness that permanently changed my life.

    I have encountered demonic entities during astral projection, which was terrifying. They are expressions of seething hatred, manifestations of darkness and suffering seemingly untouched by the grace of light.

    On the other hand, I have encountered many different spirits including guardians, doctores, orbs, enlightened beings, and angelic beings which I believe were embodiments of Christ consciousness.

    There have been many instances in my life where I have penetrated mystical energies, and they are all undoubtedly profound, but different qualities of energy.

    As one can tap into kundalini energy, one may also tap into Christ consciousness.

    Christ consciousness vs Buddha awakening

    Although Christ consciousness has parallels to states of awakening experienced by Buddha, I believe they’re different expressions of consciousness, with their own personalities.

    Jesus and Buddha both experienced enlightened forms of consciousness within the unity of all things, however tapped into different expressions of consciousness.

    Awakening signifies the culmination of the spiritual path, marked by the realization of the true nature of reality and the cessation of suffering. While Buddha’s awakening appears to be more mystical, Christ consciousness is the highest culmination of love, gratitude, and bliss.

    While both Christ consciousness and Buddha awakening involve the embodiment of powerful spiritual energies, they arose from very different spiritual pathways.

    Experiencing Christ consciousness

    Man praying

    People can tap into different expressions of consciousness via spiritual disciplines and modalities, perceptions and beliefs, ceremonies, and plant medicines. There are many different paths to many different expressions of consciousness.

    People may be able to experience a level of consciousness similar to that of Jesus by following the path of heart and service.

    On the rare occasion, certain individuals may experience glimpses, but likely only a handful of humans have embodied Christ consciousness. Jesus was highly spiritually advanced, so you cannot expect to experience this state of being in this lifetime.

    But don’t let that sway you off your course! Setting your gaze on this expression of consciousness and slowly cultivating a deeper sense of love, compassion, and service can only do you good.

    Embodying Christ consciousness may occur through the experience of unconditional love for all things, unparalleled compassion for all life, and complete forgiveness of all people. It’s an energy that is felt from the heart when all darkness inside is removed.

    Religion aside, the clear teacher of Christ consciousness is Jesus. By following in the footsteps of Jesus and learning from his teachings, you are on your way.

    Here are what I consider three fundamental pillars required to tap into Christ consciousness.

    Being at service

    Being closely connected to source means the expression of consciousness is at service to the creator. Being in service means having the highest intention to help, heal, and raise the collective vibration. There is no place for greed or self-centeredness when in service, as it’s a noble and honorable position to be in.

    To you, this means being in service to humanity by aligning your purpose, values, and mission with the betterment of humanity.

    How service manifests in your life depends on how you can serve. Some people are in service by creating things that benefit society, helping people with their healing, or educating. Some people become spiritual leaders and healers. Some people fight for positive change and bring light into dark places.

    Dedicate your life to be at service to the light, and you are stepping closer to Christ consciousness.

    Living by the heart

    As Christ consciousness is the highest expression of love, pledging to live by the heart is a necessary path to experience it.

    What we know about Christ consciousness is that it’s a love-centered energy.

    Energies of love, gratitude, and compassion are channeled through the heart chakra. Therefore, learning to open your heart chakra to experience higher expressions of love is part of the path to Christ consciousness.

    Cultivating compassion

    Christ consciousness also exemplifies compassion and understanding in the face of adversity.

    Jesus forgave all those who wanted to kill him. He forgave those who crucified him for trying to spread love. An act of forgiveness comes from a deep understanding that humans may do terrible things and make mistakes. But it’s not because they’re fundamentally corrupted, it’s because they are ignorant.

    To step closer to Christ consciousness, it’s essential to have a highly mature spiritual clarity and understanding that all beings are on their paths. Christ consciousness does not know anger, resentment, or hatred because it’s extremely pure. It is a light energy.

    Christ consciousness is understanding. It is compassion and care for everything, even those who do the worst things. It simply seeds through all the manifestations and behaviors, and to the wounded core.

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