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Symbosity provides a space where people can share their personal life experiences with the readers of this website. I’m looking for unique, personal, and interesting stories about your life, and the lessons that you gained through them. Your story should provide value, insight, and advice to the readers, and the focus of your story should be to help people in some form. Anyone can submit to Symbosity, given that you follow the guidelines.

Please read the guidelines below if you want to submit an article.

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Submission guidelines

1. Submit original content

The content that you submit must be your own, original content. The content that you post must not be posted anywhere else on the internet. You’re free to repost your content two weeks after it has been published on Symbosity.

The content should be about a personal, and preferably unique experience that you have had in your life. Wrap up your life lesson into a digestible article that other readers may be able to learn from and relate to. Even though you might have great knowledge or expertise in various areas, the article should not be purely advisory. The experience catalog is focused on the human experience. It’s a place for sharing, learning about, and helping one another understand and navigate the human experience.

For submissions, I am interested in hearing your personal story, and creating a database full of unique and interesting personal experiences that people can relate to and learn from. Your story should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. You should be truthful, authentic, and detailed with your experience. Please do not exaggerate or fluff up the content. This is for very real experiences.

I am especially looking for people to share their life experience regarding the following topics.

  • Spiritual and mystical experiences
  • Mental health issues and mental illness
  • Healing and personal transformation
  • Unique social experiences
  • Unique and difficult challenges in life
  • Life changing experiences

3. Incorporate life advice

The point of your content is to help people, and give them applicable life advice that they can incorporate into their own lives. Therefore, talk about the lessons you learnt from your experience. Your advice should be related to your experience, and what you learnt from it.

4. Use standard SEO and writing practices

Make sure that your content generally follows standard SEO and writing practices.

This helps create consistency amongst the website, more traffic via search engines, and a better user experience. Some points to consider are:

  • Break up your article with subheadings.
  • Aim for an article word count between 1000 – 2000 words.
  • Each section of your article should be between 100 – 300 words.
  • Make your heading and subtitles searchable. They should be an answer, question, or statement related to what somebody is likely to search. Think about your target audience and who you’re trying to reach, and tailor heading and subheadings to them.
  • Try not to use too sophisticated vocabulary. The more understandable and digestible your story is, the more impactful it will be.
  • Offer practical advice which is applicable to your story.

5. No spam or self promotion

Please do not self promote or advertise any service or product within the article. The intention of the article should be to educate and advise people, not to boost sales. You can promote yourself and have some links to your social media accounts or website in your author info box which is visible to the readers.

*Your article may be edited to match guidelines and improve SEO practices

*Please only submit completed articles of high quality

*You may edit or remove your article any time by contacting me

*Submit in a word document. Do not submit as a PDF file

* Submit a small profile picture of yourself to display in your author info box. Also write a short bio in the email, with links to your website and/or social media accounts

What do you get out of it?

Submitting an article is a mutually beneficial for everyone involved, and acts as an energy exchange. For you, you will get to post a link or two to your website/s or social media accounts. This will give you backlinks, and increase your traffic. Furthermore, you will be helping and inspiring the readers, and giving them applicable and relevant information that they can use to transform their lives.

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