What is the Spiritual Realm? A Sneak Peak Into Ultimate Reality

Here's a simplified explanation of the spiritual realm, where you don't need to be a scholar to understand it

Have you ever felt an inexplicable connection with something greater than yourself? Maybe it was a moment of profound clarity or an experience that seemed to defy all logic. From all the profound experiences people have reported throughout history, it becomes evident that there’s a whole lot more to reality than what meets the eye.

Beyond this reality exist other dimensions, realms that extend beyond the limits of our comprehension.

The spiritual dimension is a higher plane of existence – Characterized by timelessness, formlessness, and pure energy. It’s a dimension that’s depicted in every religion, and believed to be our destination after death.

As someone who has spent many years exploring spiritual modalities around the world, I’m going to share my understanding of this intriguing dimension of reality.

This by no means is a straightforward topic to talk about, but I’ll do my best to make it as easy to understand as possible.

Understanding the spiritual realm

Monk accessing the spiritual realm via meditation and prayer

The spiritual realm is thought to be the origin of our universe, and perhaps the crux of creation itself. This is the realm of the soul: An ethereal place that everything we know is a manifestation of.

After all, it’s logic. If there is an effect, there must also be a cause. If our universe is a fruiting body, then the spiritual realm is the tree that it grows from.

Instead of seeing our universe as a random coincidence that popped out of nothing, it’s more accurate to see it as an object on a picture frame.

Even though I believe there are many different realms, I’ll use the term spiritual realm to refer to everything that exists beyond our universe.

This dimension goes by different names depending on the particular belief system. These terms highlight the universality of the concept while acknowledging the nuanced interpretations based on cultural and religious perspectives.

Some of these names are:

  • Ultimate reality
  • The astral planes
  • Source
  • The Infinite
  • The Universal Consciousness
  • Higher realms of consciousness
  • Higher dimensions of reality

In this sense, the spiritual realm can be understood as a deeper truth to reality.

I would compare reality to a sort of dreamscape. Sure, it’s real in the sense that you or I understand, but this experience is just a tiny slither of a much more expansive existence.

Your life is the dream, and when the dream is over at the time of death, you return to the true reality that we understand as the spiritual realm.

Multidimensional aspect of spirituality

Everything that exists is an aspect of the same infinite consciousness, experiencing oneself in infinite ways. This source of consciousness can be understood as god and is the deepest layer of truth that we can experience.

In truth, god is the only thing that exists. God doesn’t know how it started or where it came from. But it has an unlimited imagination, so it creates. It creates dimensions, universes, platforms, and experiences.

God creates every possibility imaginable so that it can learn (and ultimately, experience). It is a creative, universal intelligence that orchestrates existence at whole (because it creates existence).

A lot is going on within the spiritual realm. In the scheme of things, our universe is a drop of water in the cosmic ocean. To learn more about this intelligence, follow the link below:

    The spiritual realm hierarchy

    Imagine that spirituality is like an onion. It has layers, which act as the different realms of consciousness. Each layer gives another degree of separation. The more central the dimension, the more of a single consciousness the plane becomes.

    Reality is considered to be the third dimension: The physical dimension. In the scheme of things, this universe is in the peripheries of this interdimensional onion. It’s dense, it’s awkward, it makes you want to leave a bad review on Tripadvisor.

    But it’s also beautiful.

    We are thought to vicariously exist in the spiritual realm on an energetic level. This is why we never really die. We lose our bodies, travel through dimensions as souls, and reincarnate to have different experiences.

    As these realms of existence are all energetic, there are no boundaries between them. You’re vicariously existing in other dimensions right this moment, which is why you’re able to tap into other dimensions through spiritual practices.

    With that said, don’t look at the spiritual realm as a place to go. Instead, imagine your consciousness as a cord that runs through this interdimensional onion to the godself. By sinking deeper into your consciousness, that is how you traverse dimensions.

    Experiences such as astral projection via deep states of meditation, plant medicines, or even breathwork can bring us out of our bodies to experience a reality more profound than this one.

    You may experience a spontaneous spiritual experience such as a rebirth or kundalini awakening that sends you further down the cord of your consciousness into deeper dimensions of reality. These experiences make us realize that those realms are always there, waiting to be accessed.

    But as humans, we have no way of perceiving these deeper dimensions of consciousness. The way I see it is that we’re at a point of our evolution where we can just start to grasp the idea, but not understand it. We can’t even understand our universe, let alone other dimensions.

    We experience things in the flesh, in a realm with space, time, matter, and physics. But other dimensions are energetic, so the nature of experience is completely foreign in every way imaginable.

    Spirituality: The road to the spiritual dimension

    Shaman tapping into other dimensions

    At its core, spirituality is about connecting with something greater than ourselves, whether it’s a higher power, the universe, or the interconnectedness of all things.

    Science isn’t making much progress in this arena, so we turn to ancient wisdom. This is where spirituality comes in: the practice of reaching these higher dimensions of consciousness, and learning how to navigate our lives a little better.

    Every culture in the world recognizes some form of spirituality. An understanding of a spiritual realm has been present since the beginning of humanity. Nothing in this world has had such an important role in humanity than the belief that there’s more to life.

    With that said, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Aliens are spiritual beings, especially if they’re highly advanced. On that same train, I think any animal that reaches a point of evolution will eventually turn to spirituality. Heck, I’m sure conscious AI would be spiritual too. I wrote an article on this topic expressing my thoughts on it.

    What I’m trying to get at is that spirituality is a universal experience, because we ARE spirituality. All life is an expression of the same consciousness, so at some point along its development, it must self-realize.

    There are common themes in each faith that overlap, suggesting that there is some common knowledge and that these cultures are tapping into something real.

    Every culture has some sort of faith. They have their practices and rituals to connect with a deeper level of reality that goes unseen by the naked eye.

    This common connection amongst all cultures and beliefs is known as omnism. To delve deeper into this, I suggest you read the following article.

      What does the science say about spirituality?

      There’s a huge amount that science doesn’t know about the spiritual dimension, but the further science develops, the more it’s dipping its toes into the spiritual paradigm. These two opposite constructs are beginning to merge, but we’ve got a long way to go until science and spirituality are on the same page.

      When we get into quantum physics, the laws of physics appear to break down. Science doesn’t even know what science is at this stage, which is why quantum physics is so hard to measure, or understand.

      Leading theories of science are already dabbling with concepts of different dimensions, energy, and so forth. In fact, we’re making a full circle. Once upon a time science was all about disproving spirituality via logic and rationality. Now it’s understanding spirituality with logic and rationality.

      Science is only just starting to discover what spirituality already knows. And I’m sure that as science progresses, we’re just going to see more discoveries that are in line with spiritual bodies of knowledge that have existed for millennia.

      Mystic experiences: The universal experience of consciousness

      Many people have mystical experiences in their lives that can’t be explained. Some of these experiences include:

      • Encounters with spirits and entities
      • Mediumship
      • Out-of-body experiences
      • Astral projection
      • Past life regressions
      • Time warping
      • Reality bending
      • Telepathy
      • Cosmic consciousness
      • Clairvoyance
      • Premonitions
      • Divine healing
      • Energy healing
      • Chakra Activation
      • Kundalini awakening

      The list goes on. Can we write off some of these experiences as a coincidence? Or maybe some mundane explanation of the brain shooting? Sure!

      But not all of them.

      I’ve personally had some profound experiences that blew my consciousness right open. I could never imagine that these experiences have anything to do with the brain. There’s just no way.

      Working with shamanic healers, experiencing astral projection, and having a life-changing kundalini awakening… let me tell you that these experiences are very real.

      But these experiences are something that everyone connects with, at least those who are looking. The interesting thing is that we can train ourselves to have mystical experiences via different spiritual modalities.

      It might be a long road before you really have any experience at all, but if you follow the path that resonates with you, you will start to have some experiences that defy all explanation.

      Read about one of my major experiences here:

      Higher and lower planes of existence

      Higher realms of consciousness

      As different dimensions exist, so do different densities.

      What I mean by this is that realms can lean more towards hellish realms (being the lower planes of consciousness), and towards heavenly realms (being the higher realms of consciousness). Then, of course, there also exists everything in between.

      Our universe would be somewhere in the middle. Relatively dense, but it can be equally heavenly.

      The denser a realm is, the more suffering exists. Energies of fear, hatred, malevolence, and generally anything with a negative connotation are dense, meaning they’re related to suffering.

      Energies such as love, gratitude, and compassion are light, meaning they’re associated with things like happiness, benevolence, and the higher self.

      Your vibration is your energetic outlet (or state of consciousness). It ultimately determines what sort of experience you’re going to have here. To learn more about higher and lower realms of consciousness, check out the article below:

      Overlapping Realities: Spiritual and Physical

      What we’re experiencing right now might seem independent. This universe is just here, and everything within it sustains itself and finds equilibrium in some way. Our reality is just the result of organic processes.

      This isn’t true in the slightest. Our universe is thoroughly rooted in the spiritual dimension, where there is a direct cause and effect.

      The things you do in this dimension affect other dimensions, and your soul’s journey within them, and so forth. This is the main reason why the spiritual realm can’t be likened to a simulation because a simulation wouldn’t affect the reality that creates it, while this does.

      It’s important to be aware that these dimensions overlap. They’re not next to our dimension, they’re within it. So your actions, behaviors, vibration, and so forth do have an impact, which is why you should live your life in line with higher values, and live consciously.

      Understanding karma: How does it fit in?

      All things eventually perish, that’s just part of existing in the physical.

      When an organism dies, it could either be returned to the soul state, or recycled as raw energy in the source, as nutrients for the tree of consciousness.

      Perhaps this consciousness manifests in another form, somewhere else within the structure. The soul or fragment of consciousness is then sent somewhere else to live out its experience. After it’s vehicle perishes, the soul returns to the source to repeat the process.

      This links to the idea of reincarnation, a common theme in religions and spiritual beliefs. Karmic energies determine where the soul or energy goes, and what it needs to experience for the growth of that soul. This cycle is called samsara, and the cycle of reincarnation can be broken when the soul attains enough wisdom (moksha).

        Understanding god: The source of creation

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        Although god is often represented as a man floating in the clouds who’s sitting back eating popcorn, god isn’t anything remotely human. It doesn’t have a form, or identity, or gender. God is an energy: the most ancient, powerful, and creative energy that has ever existed, and everything is a manifestation of this energy.

        God does not know what it is. It doesn’t know where it came from or how it began. It just exists, it has always existed, and will always exist.

        God is discovering itself and has an imagination that can manifest any reality it wants to help it. So it created this physical existence as another means to explore its consciousness in a different form and gather information through every soul’s life experience.

        We are not separate. We are all the same organism experiencing tiny slithers of individuality. In this sense, we are collectors of experience for this god self that we are all inherently connected to.

        The reason why all of this exists is because god is trying to discover itself. This universe can be seen as a single thought of god. With an infinitely powerful imagination, god creates dimensions for its consciousness to experience oneself in, as a way to further understand what it is.

        The purpose of a soul

        An atheist believes that consciousness is dependent on the brain. Your consciousness may project out of your brain, but these projections are simply illusions of the mind. If consciousness is a byproduct of the brain, then that rules out the possibility of a soul.

        Spiritualists believe that consciousness is not dependent on the brain. Consciousness projects into the mind but is not fixed within it. This is the reasoning behind the soul. Your soul is always tethered to the spiritual realm. Your higher self, or soul is just putting a little piece of itself into your body.

        Imagine that your body is a vehicle and your consciousness is the driver. The driver is not indistinguishable from the vehicle, but the vehicle needs an operator. You are not your body, you are not your mind. You are something far more evolved, complex, and beautiful than you can imagine as a human.

        The soul is your immense consciousness that you only experience a slither of in your human body. Your soul is also just a drop of a much more grand energetic complex, which can be understood as god. Your soul is merely a fragment of god, and your human consciousness is just a fragment of your soul.

        Souls: The building blocks of god

        Our souls are like cells forming a body. Individually we’re so insignificant, but together we’re all part of a much bigger system.

        Using the cell analogy, you don’t try to control what happens to each individual cell in your body. You leave that for them to work out. We are all part of that natural process, so I doubt that god could, or would have a hand in what happens within our dimension.

        We cannot blame god for our own mistakes, because god is not responsible for anything that happens. Part of what makes life so perfect, is that it’s imperfect. We have the ability to mess up, make mistakes, suffer, and experience the consequences of our actions.

        As soon as free-will is removed, then so is the learning process. If we are here to learn, then all life must be left to their own devices without external aid. It might seem unfair or even cruel at times, but it’s also perfect because of how much we can experience here.

        Spiritual practices: The gateway to the spiritual realm

        Person looking into an alternate dimension

        Spiritual disciplines are seen as the many entrances into the spiritual realm. The spiritual realm is not necessarily a place where your consciousness goes. Your consciousness is always there, projecting a part of itself into the physical realm.

        Spiritual practices are rituals that help us connect with the deeper layers of our consciousness. The importance of spiritual practices rests in their ability to help us connect with something greater than ourselves. They allow us to tap into our soul nature, and deepen our understanding of the world around us.

        Spiritual practices give us a sense of purpose, knowing that we’re connecting to something deeper than the flesh, and gaining insight from a deeper part of our shared infinite consciousness.

        There are many different spiritual practices. Some of the most popular spiritual practices include meditation, prayer, and yoga. You have more niched practices such as energetic healing, shamanic healing, mediumship, astral projection, and so forth.

        But it doesn’t matter how you tap in. Discover what resonates with you. Keep an open mind, and follow your calling, for whatever it may be.


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          Chad Kartenson 4 April 2024 - 4:32 pm

          I thank you for your insight with what you have come to know here. Your words do make sense on how we may come to find how such truly may be when we pass…
          I would like to give you a word on how I believe ours souls may come to find themselves to become spirits when these vessels of ours pass. As death opens the divine door unto the afterlife, say the spiritual realm we attend the divine judgment on our choices we have come to take in our lives here in this physical plane…
          And then we are set into the spiritual plane where we honestly deserve to be held…
          So I have come to believe…


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