Five-Dimensional Reality: Fact Or Fiction?

What exactly is five-dimensional reality? Is it real? Find out here!

Why is spirituality such a big part of some people’s lives, while it’s completely dismissed by others? Why do some perceive Earth as a rotting carcass, while others see beauty and wonder? Can our distinct views be due to our life perceptions, or is there something more at play?

The world we know today is more polarized than ever, to the extent we’re almost living in different realities.

Anyone who has delved deep enough into their consciousness will tell you just how real life after death is. To some people, however, it’s simply too far outside of their reality, that they are walking down a very different timeline, and this changes everything.

People who are on a journey of growth and healing will begin to see a beautiful planet. They will not be naive or ignorant of the corruption, issues, and suffering we have, but it simply won’t be a part of their reality. Other people may be consumed by the darkness of the world. They will feel trapped, and hopeless, and won’t see anything beyond their physical senses.

We may share a universal platform, but we are living in different realities. Realities can be heavenly, hellish, or anywhere in between. Heavenly realities are deeply connected with the soul (or god), and are characterized by an expansion of consciousness, and being at service. Hellish realities are carnal, dense, and full of suffering in all its myriad forms.

So let’s have a look at these two distinct paradigms, and make sense of five-dimensional reality.

The fifth dimension: Connected to god

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Commonly understood as the spiritual realm, the fifth dimension is a higher realm of consciousness. Our universe (Pachamama), is a lower dimension that we’re currently experiencing in human form.

If you were entirely in five-dimensional reality, you wouldn’t be here on this planet – as the fifth dimension is energetic. It’s not a physical place you can go, but rather the home of your soul. Energetically, you’re always tied to these higher dimensions.

Even though you can access the fifth dimension via spiritual practice and the dissolution of ego if your consciousness solely exists within the 5th dimension, your physical body here would perish.

Although these planes of existence are separate, energetically they are tied together. All dimensions of reality are within one another, they’re not physical spaces to access, and the means to access these dimensions is via your consciousness.

It’s all interconnected.

That means what happens here has an effect on your soul nature within the fifth dimension, and things that happen in the fifth dimension can manifest through and affect the third dimension.

However, by being on a journey of spiritual growth, we learn to access other realms of information. In a way, the 5th dimension more prominently overlays the 3rd dimension, which turns reality into a very different (but undoubtedly more mystical) place.

Instead of recognizing the 3rd dimension and 5th dimension as separate realms, they blend into one another, which we understand as five-dimensional reality.

The third dimension: Disconnection from soul

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The third dimension signifies the physical realm. Compared to the 5th dimension, the 3rd dimension is a lower realm, meaning more suffering occurs here. Generally speaking, the vibration is lower than the 5th dimension.

If you aren’t familiar with spiritual vibration, I highly suggest you read this article before continuing. It will add a lot of context to this article.

Think of the 3rd dimension as living in the matrix. It’s certainly real, but I would consider it to be a more superficial layer of ultimate reality. A deep level of awareness has not been discovered, so people are governed by their deep-rooted patterns, programs, and conditioning, and live life caught in this game

Mostly, humanity has existed within a construct of the 3rd dimension. This is where survival, war, destruction, greed, poverty, and suffering are commonplace. The third dimension is a dense expression of consciousness where there are a lot of difficulties, but also a lot of soul growth.

In the three-dimensional construct, souls are fairly disconnected from the source, which vicariously creates more individuality. This is why our world is so diverse. We have monarchies and dictatorships, nations, cultures, diverse jobs and lifestyles. Everyone’s just trying to make it work, and nobody knows how to.

The third-dimensional reality manifests via a low vibration of the collective consciousness. As with all planes of existence, the reason why the third dimension exists is to provide another platform for consciousness to experience itself.

Imagine the 3rd dimension as that hard-ass teacher you had in high school, where it was never fun, but you learned the most. It’s not always fun to experience, but effective. So the third dimension is not bad, it’s just dense, meaning there’s more suffering, and also more learning through that suffering.

Like everything within ultimate reality, it has it’s place, and there’s a reason why it exists.

Five-dimensional reality: Thinning of the vale

Five-dimensional reality can be seen as an intersection point between physical reality (the 3rd dimension), and the spiritual realm (the 5th dimension). Essentially, it’s when you start tapping into the spiritual dimension while still grounded in reality.

The best way to understand five-dimensional reality is to think of it as if you’ve escaped the matrix, and have begun accessing the spiritual dimensions. The method to access five-dimensional reality is through vibration.

The language of the universe is vibration – which works on both a collective level and an individual level. You can understand vibration as the key to accessing deeper levels of reality than what meets the eye.

The higher your vibration raises where you begin tapping into deeper levels of the human experience, the more the spiritual dimension intersects. On the other hand, the lower your vibrational state, the further you’re energetically distancing yourself from the spiritual dimension – as low-vibrational energy corresponds with the third dimension.

Tapping into the spiritual realm

The reality you experience depends on your vibration. Your vibration determines which layers of information you’re able to access within this physical reality, meaning some people may be living in completely different realities.

The best way to look at it is that dimensions overlap like you’re stacking sheets of paper. The distance hasn’t changed at all, but we need to tune into vibration to penetrate the other pieces. Vibration is the key to accessing higher dimensions, as they are energetic.

So when you’re in a low vibration, spirituality doesn’t exist, because there’s no energetic connection to higher planes of existence.  In this sense, reality becomes more malleable the more your energetic frequency rises. When you raise your vibration, your consciousness expands, while a low vibration retracts your consciousness.

That’s why people who are well into their spiritual craft keep their energetic input and output as clean as possible, to access this higher realm of information that most people aren’t receptive to.

So in saying that, a psychic might have access to a pretty incredible quality of information. But if that same psychic were to lower their vibration and move more into the 3rd dimension, they wouldn’t have access to any of this information – as it no longer exists within their reality. Suddenly they’re in the shadow side, which is a psychotic person who’s losing their grip on reality.

To someone in a low vibration who looks at a psychic, they’re probably going to assume they’re delusional. But if that same person raises their vibration where five-dimensional reality starts to seep through, they’re going to understand completely.

Low vibrational experience (trapped in the matrix)

Dystopian society

A low vibration is associated with a dense reality. This means that a low vibration is associated with suffering and negativity. It’s a disconnection from the soul, meaning the realm becomes much more carnal.

On a collective scale, a low vibration creates a dystopian society, which leans towards a hell world. Below are some things that are associated with a low vibration.

    • Retraction of consciousness
    • Closemindedness
    • Negativity
    • Suffering
    • Sickness
    • Pain
    • Struggle
    • Poverty
    • corruption
    • Scarcity
    • Limiting belief systems
    • Harmful thoughts and mentalities
    • Destructive behavior
    • Selfishness
    • Greed
    • Unconscious habits
    • Toxic attitudes
    • Mental illness
    • Survival
    • Ego

High vibrational experience (escaping the matrix)

Utopian society

A high vibration is associated with a light reality. This means that a high vibration is associated with love and joy. It is to deepen the connection with the soul, which as a result, spiritual constructs become much more prominent.

On a collective scale, a high vibration creates a utopian society, which leans towards a heaven world. Below are some things that are associated with a high vibration.

    • Expansion of consciousness
    • Open-mindedness
    • Positivity
    • Personal growth
    • Wellness
    • Thriving
    • Love
    • Happiness
    • Joy
    • Gratitude
    • Community
    • Abundance
    • Virtuous behavior
    • Service
    • Mindfulness
    • Spirituality

Walking alternate timelines

Ripple in space

Your vibration is your state of consciousness. All energy has a quality to it, ranging from low-vibrational to high-vibrational. The higher the vibration, the more heavenly the experience of consciousness becomes, while the lower the vibration, the more hellish the experience of consciousness becomes.

Beyond the layers of flesh, blood, and bone, everything is energetic in nature. Bottom line – all reality (and other realities) is made up of energy. Therefore, everything that we experience resonates at different energetic frequencies. Your emotions, thoughts, feelings, attitudes, what you consume, the connections you make, and everything has a different energy quality.

For example, anger is a low-vibrational energy, as it’s painful, undesirable, and for lack of a better word, primitive. This doesn’t mean that anger is bad to experience, or that you should avoid it, but the energy is of a lower quality than something like gratitude.

If you have negative thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes that cause suffering of any kind, they will lower your vibration. As a result, your reality starts to become more dense as you become more disconnected from the source, and reality becomes more three-dimensional.

The magic you’re experiencing when life is beautiful and you’re so grateful for having this experience – gets flipped on its head, and suddenly life goes back to hard mode. Why? Because your vibration has changed. When your vibration changes, so does the reality you experience.

To better understand this phenomenon, I created a guide for vibration. I suggest you read this article before moving forward as it gives you a framework of what vibration is, and how it works.

The link between vibration and collective consciounsess

All consciousness is energetically connected, as we are all segments of the same consciousness experiencing oneself. Therefore, no event is isolated.

Your healing also helps heal the collective consciousness. Other people’s trauma affects your consciousness. We’re all energetically connected in a big web and reality is the manifestation of this collective consciousness.

The growing polarization in society is because a lot of people are raising their vibration and connecting with five-dimensional reality, while others are trapped in the third dimension, and aren’t aware that there’s a whole other dimension beneath our feet.

On a collective scale, the more people who wake up and move to the five-dimensional reality by raising their vibrations, the entire collective also moves towards this heavenly construct where life becomes a spiritual playground, rather than a carnal hellscape made by humans, to exploit humans.

So through everyone’s process, we influence the collective. If there’s enough negative energy in the collective, we’re going to see more shifts into the third dimension, more suffering, more disconnection.

The spiritual tug of war: Influencing the collective

If you feel like you’re moving between realities a lot right now, there are collective influences at play that could be responsible – aside from your processes.

There are forces at play trying to prevent people from raising their vibration via fear-porn, division, propaganda, manipulation, transhumanism, and all the dirty work you can think of. The elite class knows that if enough people wake up to the reality that we’re in an astral world, residually, the entire collective is going to shift. This means game over for the powers that be. They can’t do their dirty work if there’s no dirt in the reality to work with.

On the other hand, you have a huge international movement of spiritual awakening. People are waking up, and trying to illuminate to people who are caught in the matrix that there’s a lot more than what meets the eye. Currently, we live in a very divided world, but more people are waking up to their spiritual nature every day.

It’s a spiritual tug-war at the moment, and the more we help others do the healing and raise their vibrations, the more we’re anchoring heavenly frequencies into Earth, the new reality will stabilize, and the vale will thin between these dimensions.

5th dimensional reality and spirituality: What's the connection?

When we move into high-vibrational states of consciousness, spirituality becomes undeniably real. This is because the vale starts thinning between the third dimension and the fifth dimension, which is where five-dimensional reality comes into play.

People who are in low-vibrational states of consciousness, will not perceive the spiritual dimension because they’re disconnected from their soul nature (otherwise, caught in the matrix). It’s not that they’re wrong, because, in that particular reality, spirituality does not exist – as their state of consciousness is so disconnected from the source.

You might notice this phenomenon in yourself when you shift between these constructs. Sometimes life will launch you back into a low-vibrational state, and you’ll need to do the shadow work to reconnect with the source.

While in that state, you might start doubting yourself or feel like you’re regressing into old belief systems and perceptions. You’re not going crazy, and everything you experienced was real, but while in that state, it’s not, because you’re literally in a different reality.

Your consciousness shifts into the third dimension of learning. It shifts into the fifth dimension to serve. Along your journey of spiritual growth, there will be times that you go back into the third dimension and have to experience the struggle and learn what you need to learn particular lessons. But trust that once you’ve learned those lessons, you’ll shift back towards the fifth dimension.

The law of attraction and vibration

I’m sure you’ve heard about the law of attraction before. The quality of energy you give out is the quality of energy you will receive. This law is rooted in vibration, which is also associated with karma.

Essentially, the teachings suggest that if you raise your vibration, you start manifesting a high-vibrational life. This comes in the form of abundance, quality connections, positive emotions, and everything that’s associated with the higher self, and an expanded consciousness that can tap into the fifth dimension.

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