A Guide To Vibration: Understanding High And Low States Of Consciousness

Learn what a person's vibration means froma spiritual perspective, and how it can be changed

As a human being, the experience of consciousness changes dramatically.

There are so many unique feelings that we experience, from the deepest forms of suffering to the highest states of bliss. Whether you’re going through the absolute depths of hell, or you feel like you’re living in heaven on Earth depends on your vibration. 

In this article, I’m going to break down what vibration means and how it works without all the spiritual jargon. Therefore, it’s easy to digest regardless of whether you’re far into your spiritual journey, or just beginning.

What is a person's vibration?

Spiritual vibration concept art

Your vibration refers to the quality of energy you’re experiencing. Think of spiritual vibration as your state of consciousness, which ranges from heavenly to hellish.

Let’s break it down;

Energy is the fundamental building block of all creation. Energy is vibratory, and the rate of vibration of energy determines the expression (or quality) of that energy.

Even though all things are made from energy, there are many different energies, and each energy is unique. Your emotions, attitudes, and beliefs are all forms of energy. Every planet, object, and thing has its energy. Every being has an energy. Then you have things like karmic energy, energies of places, energies of plant medicines and spirits, realms and dimensions.

For example, a hellish realm would be extremely dense where the experience of consciousness would be absolute misery. A heavenly realm would be extremely light where the experience of consciousness would be blissful.

Our plane of existence is somewhere in the middle. This means that it can be quite dense (where there are many expressions of suffering), and it can also be quite light (there are also many expressions of happiness).


Vibration is a spectrum

Look at vibration as a spectrum from a very low vibration (being the densest feeling that causes the most suffering) to a very high vibration (being the lightest feeling that causes the most happiness).

Even though the energy of any given thing is unique, all energies fit along a spectrum somewhere from being dense, neutral, or light.

Anything that resonates at a very low vibration is considered dark. Experiencing hellish states of consciousness (torture, torment, and tragedy) is the densest energy that we can experience.

On the other hand, anything that resonates as a very high vibration would be blissful. Think angelic, enlightenment, beauty, love, and everything of a nature that we consider amazing.

High vibrational energy

Diagram representing high vibration and heavenly frequency

High-vibrational energy creates experiences that we understand as positive. This expression of energy is associated with light. This is because high vibrational energy is a very pure form of energy which is represented as white light.

High vibrational energy directly corresponds with happiness. If you’re in a high vibrational state, you are happy (and experiencing feelings that make you happy).

As anyone who resonates at a high vibration experiences gratitude, love, and compassion, this frequency is benevolent, and it’s associated with healing and growth. This energy is the cream of the crop for many spiritual seekers, as holding a high vibration is a trump card as it attracts all positive experiences into life.

As your higher self resonates with high vibrational energy, when you’re in a high vibrational state, you also embody your higher self.

This is where you feel like you’re living your best life. You feel amazing as you’re full of gratitude and love, and suddenly you start attracting good things into your life in the form of opportunities, experiences, and emotions.

Low vibrational energy

Diagram representing low vibration and hellish frequency

Low vibrational energy corresponds with experiences that we perceive to be negative. It’s a quality of energy that creates darkness and is associated with an expression of suffering.

Low vibrational energy is associated with malevolence. This is an expression of energy that causes suffering. As high vibrational energy is associated with growth, low vibrational energy is associated with decay.

Negative attitudes and destructive behavior correspond with low-vibrational energy. Coincidently, these feelings cause pain, and make you suffer. Low vibrational feelings include fear, misery, jealousy, guilt, and resentment. These are all the emotions and sensations which are seen as unpleasant and undesirable to experience.

When your vibration is low, you begin shifting into your lower self as it resonates with low vibrational energy. This means that your shadow self comes out. You become petty, or the victim, or the loser. Suddenly you feel like your life sucks and you’re battling a mountain of problems because of your vibration.

All religions believe in a state of absolute misery and suffering. This state of consciousness is usually referred to as hell, but goes by different names depending on the belief system. Even though hell is a state of consciousness, there may be manifestations of realms that coincide with this state of consciousness.

Hell is the lowest vibrational state of consciousness. In that sense, hell is not a physical place, universe, or dimension. But there are hellish planes of existence that the lowest vibration of consciousness creates an energetic match for. An example of a vibratory match for a soul that belongs in a hellish realm would be a malevolent spirit or demon.


Melissa Marie Morgan 21 March 2024 - 4:51 am

Beautifully and eloquently described. Perfectly.
That and your page is beautiful!
All my blessings and love
Sincerest peace
Mahalo nui

Laken Shoemate 25 March 2024 - 4:42 pm

Thank you. I think that was perfect. I’m going to read this to my mother who is just now trying to learn of energy so this will be helpful so much. Thank you. I would love to hear more of your thoughts and views on this subject further.


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