Understanding Spiritual Energy: The Building Block Of Creation

Learn about energy in the spiritual context, and how it's the foundation of all things

In the spiritual world, you likely hear people talk about energy all the time, however, it has become some vague concept that many spiritualists base their lives around, yet can’t explain. It’s an intangible, unobservable axis of our universe, but we don’t have the means to properly understand it, because we can’t perceive it.

So let me break it down from my perspective.

You can view energy as the base building block of all things, within this dimension and others. This is the bottom line, that energy in the context of spirituality, is the foundation of existence.

No energy, no-thing.

Everything, including your experiences, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and the world itself is a manifestation of energy, however, there are many different kinds of energy. Let’s place our concept of energy in a few different camps:

  • Physical energy: What is recognized as energy scientifically, and is required for all things to create action
  • Emotional energy: Refers to the energetic outlet of emotions
  • Spiritual energy: The metaphysical perspective of energy, which is an inherent property of existence

To grasp the concept of energy, we need to first tap into the idea that our universe is a manifestation of spiritual dimensions. This universe, and everything within it is an expression of consciousness. All things come from a source, which can be understood as god or the universal consciousness. It doesn’t matter what label you give it, but all branches come from the same tree.

The tree is consciousness, and consciousness is energy. Consciousness has many different expressions, from blissful, to horrific, to downright strange. Some energies are light, some are dark. Some are powerful and others are painful. Energy is an expression of consciousness in one form or another, and all things that can be experienced are expressions of consciousness.

Exploring different forms of energies

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Even though there are different qualities and vibrations of energy, energy is energy. This means that energy interacts with energy, regardless of what form it takes. We exist in an energetic carnival where all things are in a state of interaction.

The energy of emotion can interact with the energy of a substance, and perhaps change the molecular structure of it. The energy of love will nourish and heal everything it touches. The energy of darkness will corrupt everything it touches. Belief will interact with the cosmos, and creative energy will transfigure the space it works with.

If you’re putting positive intentions into a cup of water before you drink it, that water is interacting with that energy, and you’re consuming it. Maybe you’re energetically healing someone via Reiki, and the loving energy is clearing out dense energy.

If you’re constantly experiencing low vibrational energies of resentment, victimhood, or scarcity, those energies will interact with your reality in one way or another.

People intuitively know whether someone is good, or whether something doesn’t feel right. This is because we are like antennas that pick up different frequencies of energy. Everything has a different quality of energy, whether it’s a person, a place, or an object. Even though we tend to think of energy as being either positive or negative, it’s not quite that linear.

Here are some different forms of energy, and their purpose in the scheme of things:

Karmic energy

Karmic energy is a powerful energy that serves as a spiritual educational system. This energy is like an orchestrating force of the universe. It doesn’t have a positive or negative association, it just operates as a balancing mechanism of the universe.

Kundalini energy

Kundalini energy is the energy of potential. In my experience, it takes the form of a reddish channel of heat that rises from the root chakra. This energy is seriously powerful and is associated with mysticism and transformation.

Masculine energy

Masculine energy is an outwards, assertive energy. This is the energy that anything considered male emits, such as men, the sun, and fire. The purpose of this energy is to provide and sustain. Its purpose is to give, fight, and protect. All things are either masculine or feminine.

Feminine energy

Feminine energy is an inwards, creative, nurturing energy. This is the energy that creates life, and the role of feminine energy is to nourish. It’s a gentle, soft, caring energy, and acts as a complementary energy or counterbalance to masculine energy.

Qi (Chi) energy

Qi is recognized as a universal life force energy. Think of Qi as vitality energy that all beings have, and that all beings can connect with. This energy recharges us and helps us find equanimity. It is experienced through nonresistance, and being in tune with the flow of life. This is what energy healers work with, and it appears to flow through everything.


Knowledge of prana comes from yogic traditions. Prana is the energy of the air we breathe, and it can be utilized through breathwork. Look at prana as a rejuvenating, cleansing energy that we tap into via our breath.

Sexual energy

Sexual energy is the energy of creation that is emitted from the sacral chakra. This energy is responsible for procreation and plays a role in romance and attraction. Sexual energy can be channeled which can lead to transcendental sexual experiences.

Healing energy

Healing energy is a soothing, beautiful energy that facilitates healing and regeneration of the consciousness. We experience this form of energy when we are healing from something, whether it be trauma, emotions, or a physical issue. This form of energy is commonly experienced in ceremonies and rituals, but we all experience it at different times to facilitate the process of healing.

Warrior energy

Warrior energy is a very fierce energy that is harnessed to fight. This is a passionate energy that makes you feel like you would die for a cause, and that you’re at service to something bigger than you. Warrior energy is rooted in feelings of justice, but it also has a darker side that revolves around vengeance.

Understanding the energy of things

the energy of people

Every living thing has a different energy. You might notice this in different people who you get different feelings around, but you’ll notice this with anything living. You tend to tap into someone’s or something’s energy via intuition, as your intuition is what picks it up.

Some people’s energies are calming and peaceful. Some are compassionate and loving. Some are passionate, fierce, mischievous, intense, awkward, creepy, weird, or they make you feel uneasy. But mostly, it’s hard to put a label on all these different energies because everyone’s energy is unique.

For example, people tend to recognize my energy as very calming, and it’s something I’ve been aware of for a long time. With that said, I wouldn’t consider it as a very firey or passionate energy like some people might have.

Spirits too have different energies. I first became aware of this during my shamanic voyaging when encountering all sorts of spirits.

Mostly I met benevolent spirits who’s energies were very healing and put me at ease. But I have encountered many neutral spirits too. Often in their presence, it felt a little strange, but not dangerous in any sense.

Other times they felt angry, but not evil. Sometimes I couldn’t pick up anything, but I intuitively knew that they were just minding their business.

Then there are the dark spirits too. I’ve met a couple of these. In their presence, there is often a feeling of doom. It’s uneasy, to say the least.

Energy of places

As all living things have a unique energy as each living thing is an expression of god’s consciousness, places too have unique energies.

Along my spiritual journey, I started recognizing the energy of places, and the more attention I paid to it, the more obvious the place’s energy became.

For example, the Andes mountains have a special energy and are recognized within shamanic traditions in Latin America. If I were to describe it, I would say the energy of the Andes is a very expansive, euphoric energy.

The Amazon rainforest on the other hand has a very different energy. The Amazon is much more dense, but not in a bad way. It’s a heavier, more energetic energy that to me at least, has notes of feeling a little strange. The energy of coasts is different too, as well as deserts, swamps, volcanos, and other environments.

Then each place is different too. The coast where I live in Australia has a very different energy to the coast of Guatemala or the places I visited in Vietnam.

Then you get even more localized. If you have learned how to tap into energy, you may notice the energy of particular places. It might be a town that just feels stale to you, or perhaps a church that has a nice feeling to it, or an old building that makes you feel uneasy.

When you’re talking about a very localized place, usually it’s the quality of energy that was experienced there that builds up.

I usually feel some really beautiful energy in temples, churches, and shrines because lots of people experience energies of gratitude and love in their places of worship. The expressions of consciousness that happen at particular places leave a sort of energetic mark.

Likewise, haunted locations usually have a dark, dense energy to them, because dark things happened there. It may have been a tragedy, death, or other painful expressions of consciousness that left an energetic scar on that particular location.

Energy of objects

As I mentioned about people and places, objects also have individual energies. Each material has a different energy, as does each craft.

Crystals are a common example of items having a distinct energy. Each crystal has a different energy, and different objects can have different strengths too. Likewise, each crystal and material has different vibrations and properties which interact with the energy around them.

Some items are blessed due to the same reason I mentioned about the energy of places. People use those items and it takes on their energy, and the energy of those items affects what those items are being used for. Some items are also cursed and interact in a more sinister way with the energy around them.

The reason why ancient items tend to be charged with some sort of energy is because they have been used for many reasons, in many situations, and many different expressions of consciousness were experienced around those particular items.

So in its old age, that particular item has some wisdom, and it holds onto that residual energy. This is what an enchanted item is, as highly charged items may have special properties.

Everything is made out of energy, everything has energy, and that energy interacts with the energy of everything else. So instead of just seeing things as objects with no value, think about the energy they have absorbed, and what they’ve been used for.

For any object that has a history of being used for darker purposes, it’s probably best not to interact with it or have it around you. Objects that have a history of helping, protecting, or being worshipped or praised can have some beneficial energetic properties.

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