Attracting Abundance Into Your Life: Stop Failing, Start Thriving

???? Learn how to attract more abundance into your life by tapping into this high vibrational energy.

Abundance is a state of consciousness: To thrive

Abundance energy in nature

Contrary to popular belief, abundance is actually a state of consciousness. It’s an expansive, high-vibrational energy where you feel like your cup is overflowing, in every possible way.

Therefore, it’s important to see abundance as a state of consciousness that you need to cultivate. And you cultivate this state of consciousness by tapping into this benevolent universal energy.

What’s the difference between an energy and a state of consciousness?

Lighthouse in space

The way I see it is that an energy is like a property of the universe (and beyond). Your state of consciousness is what you’re experiencing. You tap into energies by calibrating your consciousness with any particular energy. Resultingly, tapping into an energy affects your state of consciousness.

If you imagine your consciousness as a lighthouse, what you point the beam on is like calibrating with that energy. There are a lot of dark low vibrational energies out there, there are also a lot of high vibrational energies. By shining the light on the energy of abundance, you attune to that particular energy. To learn more about the different qualities of energy, check out the article below:

The frame you see life through matters

Someone who’s broke can feel abundance in wealth. Someone with nobody in their life can feel abundance in love. Likewise, someone who is rich and famous can live in a state of scarcity, because they never have enough.

Abundance is a magnet

High vibrational energy attracts abundance into your life

The spiral of abundance

Now that’s a high vibration. When you’re feeling that way, notice how more good things start to happen which seems to defy coincidence.

Attracting abundance into your life experience

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Become a visionary of your own life

How do you picture your life if you accomplished your wildest dreams? Do you even have dreams beyond material possessions? Because if your biggest dream is something that you must attain and not something that you must achieve, you might feel a little empty, even if you get it!

You ARE Abundance

Allow yourself to receive

Learn to be content with what you have

As long as you constantly chase your tail for the next best thing, you aren’t actually appreciating what you have.

Put it all into perspective

When you feel that you are lacking, sometimes it helps to put it into perspective. Despite what struggles you’re facing, I can guarantee you that some people would die to trade positions with you. And this is really how you need to see it.

Talk your life up, not down

Sometimes in life, you’ll get knocked down. Sometimes, you’ll be a victim. We’ve all been there, so don’t be too hard on yourself. But do not let yourself get caught in those self-perpetuating spirals.

A negative spiral is when something happens that lowers your vibration. Due to this, you start attracting more shit into your reality, which reduces your vibration even more, and so forth. This is why it’s so important to recognize when this happens so that you can correct yourself and realign with a higher vibrational state.

So every time you feel down, give yourself time to process it, release the energies, and then realign yourself with your higher self.

Catch those painful spirals before you get caught in them, and turn that ship around. Learn more about getting out of this painful cycle here.

Take full advantage of each opportunity

Don’t shoot down opportunities when they show up. Not to say that all opportunities are good, or for your highest interest, but part of cultivating abundance is to recognize new opportunities, from every angle, at all times.

If you train your mind to see them, life will become much more open-ended, where there are many different roads you can take, all leading to unique and exciting lifestyles. Just because you miss one opportunity doesn’t mean there’s not still plenty around you.

Your energy will attract more opportunities, and as long as you accept them into your life, they’ll keep coming in many different shapes and sizes.

Think good thoughts about other’s success

Jealousy is a block to abundance because you’re separating yourself from abundance.

Think about it, you’re seeing something that you want and pushing it away through your feelings. But is there a way you can actually feel… happy for that person?

Let it spill over

Detach from the result

Attachment to the result is a double-edged sword. In one way, you want some attachment because it motivates you. On the other hand, too much attachment creates need. Need isn’t a pleasant feeling because it comes from a state of lacking, scarcity.

Being overattached to the outcome causes desperation. Abundance has no place for desperation because if you feel abundant, you feel calm and at peace.

Hold your goals close and aim to achieve them. Feel good about them and be excited to move towards them, but don’t get the idea in your head that it becomes more important than everything else.

Do the work!

If you want to go deeper into learning about these two constituents and why you need to integrate them both to become a more capable and complete person, click on the link below.

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