My Witchcraft Ceremony Experience – Siquijor, Philippines

What happens during a witchcraft ceremony in Siquijor, Philippines?

If you watched a lot of fairytales when you were a kid, you probably hated the witches.

Witches are usually portrayed as antagonists. They are often perceived as ugly, hateful, evil beings. They destroy the lives of those gorgeous princesses that you adore, which is why you developed a disgust towards them.

Let’s admit it. We, women, wanted to be princesses. Nobody ever wants to be the witch. But have you ever wondered about the reality of witches – Aside from fantasies and fairytales?

Here I’m going to share one of my extraordinary experiences participating in a witchcraft ceremony in Siquijor, Philippines, and illuminate the truth behind witchcraft.


Siquijor, Philippines

Never in my life have I thought about a witch encounter, but the universe has a funny way of leading us to the unanticipated.

I was going through one of my toughest life battles when the universe communicated with me through a dream.

One evening, I woke up from a dream where I was in a beautiful city with pristine beaches and green mountains – Dancing with witches. The image of the witches in my dream was very typical. They were dancing while wearing their black dresses and their iconic hats, with brooms in their hands.

The dream was so vivid that I am still able to recall every detail of it, even the song I heard while dancing.

The dream was so enticing that it haunted me but in a good way. So I went straight to my phone and searched for this city, based on what I saw and experienced in the dream.

The very first result that came up was Siquijor.

Siquijor is popularly known as the enchanted island of the Philippines. Others also call it ‘Mystic Island’, or the ‘Island of Witches and Healers’.

You can find the very famous love potion, also elixirs, healing stones, lucky charms, and spell cards. People who are in difficult life situations, and those with illnesses often come to the island to experience this mysterious, yet effective way of healing.

Witches are indigenous healers from Siquijor, Philippines. However, with the negative image of witchcraft in modern society, people who practice witchcraft in the Philippines often suffer judgment and ostracization.

Siquijor is now modernized, but the people have maintained these traditional ways of healing, and that’s what makes the island a mysterious one. Over time, witchcraft in Siquijor became an attraction to curious travelers interested in spirituality and healing.

Learning something very interesting about Siquijor that evening tickled my curiosity. I found myself packing my bags and going to the bus station. I arrived after 8 hours of travel by land and sea.

When I first set foot on the island, I instantly felt the enchantment. Imagine being welcomed by this mesmerizing white powdery sand and crystal blue water. There are palm trees everywhere you look. It’s like paradise with some sort of energy whispering ‘You are home’.

Meeting my true self in Siquijor

I stayed in a hostel that was next to the beach and met locals, tourists, and most especially, the wild side of me. I have traveled solo a few times before, but this trip seemed different.

The city of Siquijor is rich in attractions such as beaches, caves, sanctuaries, and waterfalls. Meeting new people, exploring the island, and having fun helped me escape the pain I was experiencing, after leaving a difficult abusive marriage.

On the fourth morning, some newfound friends told me about an area on the island where some indigenous healers are located. They gave me some information about the witchcraft ceremony being performed for individuals like me.

I was hungry for answers at that time of my life. I didn’t care if the outcome would be positive or negative. It’s safe to say that I was ready for everything, even death at that point.

The next day, I was told that the ceremony would start at 6:30 pm and left the hostel an hour prior. Without any special preparation, I proceeded to the address given by the person I was in contact with. It took me less than an hour to get there.

Meeting the witches

When I arrived, I was welcomed by a massive century-old tree and a natural spring that flows underneath it. How the water flows there is a mystery, even to the locals.

Two other people were waiting silently while looking tense, so I sat down without uttering a word.

A few minutes later, two other people came, and they looked happy to see us there first. Before we could start talking, another person approached us and told us to follow her. There was a mini campsite-like spot where the five of us were gathered for a briefing with two witches and a healer.

The witches looked like normal people, contrary to how society portrays them. No huge noses. No long nails. They were wearing bright-colored, long-sleeved shirts, and ordinary pairs of pants. They all looked pleasant, and their smiles were warm.

We introduced ourselves, then the healer asked us why we came. After a moment, surprisingly we just stared at each other and muttered “I don’t know” at the same time.

We all laughed, but the witches were surprised. All the people they accommodated before us had specific reasons. We were there waiting for a surprise from the universe, hoping for something good to happen.

The witchcraft ceremony

Incense bowl burning herbs

First, we started by asking permission from the century-old tree. The tree is known for being an ancient dwelling of mystical creatures and spirits that guide the witches.

After surrounding the tree, the two witches, along with two other ladies started humming angelically while the healer was chanting and praying in some sort of relatively Spanish dialect.

Then, he signaled the witches and told us that we could proceed.

We went back to the area where we had the briefing. There were colorful traditional mats on the floor, one for each participant, circling a bigger one with a small ceramic pot on it. There were no voodoo dolls, needles, brooms, or cauldrons, so I felt at ease knowing I wouldn’t be someone’s dinner that evening.

We all sat on the mats and had a little pep talk. We were told that anything can surface. Fears, traumas, and insecurities that we have been holding onto. This dropped my heart to the ground and my hands were instantly frozen.

If being drunk and stoned for three consecutive nights is considered preparation, I could just simply jump into the fire and swim in it.

The ceremony started before I could spit out the words of withdrawal that were already on the tip of my tongue. The witches started humming and singing again, and suddenly, my anxiety vanished. Their voices transported me to euphoria at light speed.

The ‘mother witch’ lit a coconut husk, and put it into the ceramic pot. She dropped some crystals into the fire as she was muttering something in Spanish, followed by some herbs, twigs, and some liquid. As the fire subsided, it released an aromatic smoke.

The smell was exquisite. It was like a mixture of every fragrance or scent that exists on this planet, and I couldn’t help but close my eyes and feel pleasure as it traveled through my nose.

My experience of childhood nostalgia

The healer kept praying as we went through the unknown ascension. As the smell lingered, I started feeling extremely light. I saw my hands moving but I couldn’t feel them. It was like I was an entity that got separated from my physical body.

I influenced my body to dance, and it did gracefully. I saw my body move to the sounds of nature. She was so beautiful, and I had never felt so in love with my body like that before.

In this stage, I was also brought back to my childhood.

I had an awesome childhood, and I am forever grateful for it. I saw the toys I used to play with being brought back to life in front of me.

The wooden blocks, the Legos, the mini piano that my mom gave me on my eighth birthday, and all the McDonald’s Happy Meal toys that we got as prizes every Sunday.

Everything. They all appeared in front of me.

There was also a compilation of all the good memories from my childhood. One of them was my sixth birthday when my childhood sweetheart gave me 2 tulip-printed mini-hankies. One was yellow, the other one was pink.

I couldn’t stop blushing.

I saw the tulips dancing and changing colors. My mom was also there giving me hugs and kisses, and I saw my dad giving me some cash. The colors were so bright, and it was like I was in an amusement park.

Suddenly, the images turned into slow-motioned animations, and I was sucked back into reality.

Purging negative energies

As I was starting to get my senses back, there was this tingling sound that slowly transitioned into a scream.

The scream came from one of the participants. It was like a scream of being possessed. Her cry was so intense, it gave me goosebumps.

Suddenly, I felt the negative energies crawling through my veins. The witch told us that the participant was purging, and she needed our positive energy by supporting her with love. The four of us didn’t know what to do. We didn’t see this coming.

I was confused and scared. Plus, I was frustrated because my awesome experience was interrupted.

The healer then asked us to close our eyes. Closing my eyes was a challenge because of the century-old tree in my peripheral view. There was something else that I saw in my peripheral vision, but when I glanced at it, there was absolutely nothing but the tree.

It was disturbing so I decided to observe the person purging. The lady was curled on the mat trying to find comfort as she was crying.

As I was watching her, I felt her pain seeping into me.

I felt compassion and I wanted to hug her. Coincidentally, the healer approached me and asked me to comfort her. I did, but after a couple of minutes, the witch asked me to go back to my space.

This stage taught me about negative energies, and that love is the best remedy. If we learn to give more love, these negative energies can’t harm us.

Confronting my inner child

I settled back onto my mat and saw the other three people meditating. The witch told us that she was going to repeat the process and to be ready.

I watched the witch drop and pour different stuff into the fire, and as it released the smoke, I couldn’t smell the aromatic scent that I was expecting. Where did it go? I moved my hands, and I could feel them. I could feel my whole body, not like the first stage where I had it nice and easy.

Was it just my imagination? I wanted to go back to the first stage, but it was impossible.

So I started crying because I couldn’t get what I wanted.

I felt like something was wrong and I needed to figure it out, or else I wouldn’t have that great feeling again. I kept crying until I realized that it was my inner child that surfaced.

My inner child was spoilt, stubborn, and bratty. At that point, I knew I needed to confront her. I spoke to her and made her understand that some things we want, or desire, aren’t meant for us, and we should learn to let go.

She was still a little bit stubborn. She was blaming her parents for spoiling her, so I let her cry out her frustrations. Then, I asked her the question “Would you be a happy child if you have different parents?”

In a split second, she started crying louder as she was brought back to the times when she felt so loved. She realized she had the best parents in the world, and she had to stop blaming them.

My inner child also asked for forgiveness, and we made a pact to never let that side of us control us again. I forgave her and as I released her, it also gave me a pleasant feeling.

Confronting my trauma

The pleasant feeling didn’t last for long as I heard a couple fighting from somewhere close.

I heard thudding sounds like someone was being beaten. I was trying to tell everyone about it, and that I didn’t like what I was hearing, but nobody could hear me. They all seemed oblivious.

I wanted to withdraw myself, but everything just turned pitch black. Suddenly I was blinded and the more I was covering my ears, the more sensitive they became. I could hear every movement of the trees and plants near me. My heart was pumping like a drum, and I could hear every beat together with every breath I was taking.

The sounds were becoming more spine-chilling as I resisted. There was no way I could control it, so I just surrendered. As I was surrendering, I heard the sounds distorting. Finally, there was silence.

I sighed out of relief, but it was just the beginning of the most terrifying, but worth-it part of the ceremony.

I started hearing the couple fighting the second time. But this time, there was clarity in the sounds the woman was making. “Please, don’t hurt me”, “I’m begging you”, “Have mercy”, “Please, stop”.

Every plead was sharp, stabbing me like a knife.

The woman in this vision was crying heavily, she needed help. I wanted to help her, and her voice became more familiar. I came to full realization and it struck me even harder.

It was my voice that I was hearing the whole time. Those words were the words I uttered when I was physically and sexually abused. I could also hear the slaps and thuds when I was beaten.

The experience became even worse when I heard my son’s voice echoing. He was looking for me, calling for me, but he couldn’t find me. The sounds kept repeating and I couldn’t stand listening to the soundtrack of my misfortunes anymore.

Surrendering to the experience

As I fully surrendered to the experience, tears flowed like a river.

My broken heart just kept breaking. I felt sorry for the woman in my vision, for going through abuse, but at the same time, I resented myself for being so weak – For being so naïve, and for tolerating the abuse for years.

The resentment was helping me with the confrontation, and for the last time, I heard myself cry again. A cry of someone hungry for love and affection. The resentment suddenly turned into forgiveness. All the while, I have accepted myself, but always denied myself of forgiveness.

I realized that the life I desire will never be granted if I don’t free myself from blame and guilt.

I shed many tears at this stage. I was an inch closer to being misophonic, but I did what I needed to do, forgive, and absolve myself.

It wasn’t as easy as telling it to yourself verbally. It doesn’t work like that.

The numerous intense mental and emotional validation, denial, and resistance had to occur before the clearing. It’s usually easy for us to say don’t resist but trust me, once you are in the spotlight, resistance prevails.

That means, there’s a huge tendency to get stuck in despair, so do yourself a favor by surrendering, to allow a change for growth to occur.

Closing the ceremony

pexels artsy solomon 986857

After going through the roughest part of the ceremony, I found myself lying on the mat.

I was still crying, but everything changed when the fragrance started to linger again. It cleared my blocked nose and gave me the urge to meditate.

I positioned myself comfortably.

As I was approaching the meditative state, I heard my son’s voice saying that I needed to rest. That was the most comforting message I have heard in my whole life. An affirmation of love from someone I had to abandon for a while to reconstruct myself.

My son’s soft and innocent voice brought the peace and tranquility back. I was able to get to the state where my mind was one with my body and soul.

I took the opportunity to claim my reward. My reward was freedom from all the chains that I had strangled myself with for years. I had enough of it.

There was still a long way to go, but for the time being, I enjoyed the bliss of being free. Finally, I savored the little moment of unwinding, before heading back to reality.

The ending of the ceremony

I opened my eyes and was glad to see everyone still in human form. I did a reality check, still human. Not a frog, not a bug. I was the last one to finish, so I joined everyone as they enjoyed the simple snack the healer prepared for us in front of the bonfire.

All of the participants in the ceremony were all comfortable with one another now. We started sharing our life stories, and shocking revelations transpired.

The most shocking one was from the person I comforted while she was purging. She was molested by her father for fifteen years, and for the first time in her life, she was able to release some of her pain and suffering.

I wanted to cry when I heard her story, but I didn’t want to ruin the moment. So I thought that finally, she was free from her chains too, and I should be happy for her.

Before we departed the ceremony, the witches and the healer prayed for us, one last time. After that, they told us not to divulge their information to many people.

The healer asked us nicely if we could delete their contact numbers on our mobile phones, which we did.

I was waiting for everyone as they prepared for departure. One of the witches sat next to me, and we talked for a while. I remember she told me that in three years, I would find myself standing in front of the person who will love me forever.

I just smiled, but she hugged me and whispered “You have a big future. Just trust yourself”.

That was such an extraordinary and memorable experience.

Integrating the experience

When I checked the time, it was past eight in the evening. The ritual felt like it went on for so much longer. That’s another mystery that doesn’t require answers.

All of the participants in the ceremony arrived at the ritual site carrying heavy baggage, but we all departed carrying nothing but the lightness the universe rewarded us with.

We all decided to spend the night at a resort which was about twenty-five minutes away on foot. There was a bonfire, and as we all conversed deeply with each other, our friendship deepened.

We all just met, but we unveiled our secrets without hesitation. As we were lying on the sand watching the stars, one of us opened their phone and decided to play some songs. You know what’s mind-blowing?

The first song that played was the same song that I remember from my dream. This is a stark reminder that dreams do come true, and destiny is real.

Fast forward three years, I found that person the witch told me who would love me forever. One morning, I woke up, I went to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror, and there she was.

I saw my beautiful reflection. I felt love – The love that I have been looking for my whole life. The self-love that I have been depriving myself of for such a long time.

While looking at the woman in the mirror, her eyes spoke to me. Her eyes were telling me that she would love me forever, despite whatever circumstances she found herself in.


Celine Estoesta 18 January 2024 - 7:41 pm

Loved reading your story, ate Beah. It’s 3:35AM in Toronto, Canada. I’ve begun spiritually healing myself and connecting my generational trauma to the roots of our Filipino ancestry, and oh boy – have I learned enough. Haha, but I’ll never stop learning about myself as I am a student of God for life! It’s amazing to read about individuals that can awaken future generations with their experiences and wisdom, hoping I can share mine as well soon. I’m happy to stumble upon your story Bey! Thank you for sharing your insight and your courage. Much love!

Beah Marie 24 May 2024 - 7:33 pm

Hi, Celine! Took me a while to reply due to a very hectic schedule. I’m glad that you’ve started healing. There’s too much to learn, I can agree with that. It’s nonstop but with the help of God, we will all be guided to the right paths. Thank you for spending some time to read my piece, and I’m so happy that it inspired you. Please, do share yours. It only requires the courage that you already have. A lot of people need it and would want to know about your story too, including me. Looking forward to reading yours soon. Lots of love, Bey

Julia 22 March 2024 - 1:43 am


Very impressive story.
Could I ask you the exact place / name where you did this?

Thank you so much

Beah Marie 24 May 2024 - 7:39 pm

Hi Julia! I’m so happy knowing that people like you loved my story. I’ve done it in Siquijor, Philippines. Some locals just mentioned it when I was there soul-searching about more than 7 years ago. Not sure if they still practice it up to now. I hope they still do. Best regards, Bey

With so much love, Rose ❤️ 28 April 2024 - 7:55 am

Hello Bea…Your story touched me to my deep core. I’m moving to Siquijor soon and that is the first this to in my bucket list.❤️❤️❤️ can you please share who I should contact regarding this Witch ceremony? Thank so much in advance.

Beah Marie 24 May 2024 - 7:52 pm

Hi Rose! Thank you for reading my story. You have no idea how happy I am knowing that it touched your heart. Have you moved already? This happened more than 7 years ago and unfortunately, I do not have the contact any longer. We made a pact to them as well not to divulge their info due to religious conflicts, so we deleted their numbers after the ceremony. Just believe in it, and it will really happen to you at the right time, dear. Just an advice, don’t chase it coz the more you chase it, the more you will get swayed away from it. But this should not stop you from asking the locals. They know best. If you get to experience it, please, do share, love. I can’t wait to hear about it. I hope enjoy the island! Lots of love, Bey

Mecyll 16 July 2024 - 4:22 am

Hi, Bea. Your story inspired me. I want to know more about your experience. How can I connect with you?


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