10 Reasons Why Psychedelics Are Powerful Tools for Personal Growth

How are psychedelics used for personal growth?

Psychedelics for personal growth

They help you let go of your past

Something that many plant medicine enthusiasts talk about is their ability to let go of the past after taking these medicines. Whether this means letting go of an old relationship, a person who has passed away, a situation you were in, or something traumatic that happened to you, plant medicines help you find peace with your past.

They open your mind

When taking plant medicines, you tend to experience many thoughts, ideas, and perspectives that you may have never considered before. These alternative perspectives allow you to get outside of your ego and think differently about the world.

This is beneficial as plant medicines can help you rid yourself of biases, and understand concepts that you may have never thought about. Instead of seeing a single angle of any given situation, you’re granted a window into all avenues of perception.

Ignorance and plant medicines don’t mesh, which is why they are powerful tools to open your mind. Understanding all perspectives on any given scenario is a much more rational way to live.

They allow you to confront yourself

Plant medicines help you discover aspects of yourself that no longer serve you. They shine a light on the root cause of your dysfunction, whether it’s regarding your social relationships, behavior, attitudes, or conduct with the world.

Maybe they will illuminate why you’re so shy, easily triggered, or constantly angry at the world. By being aware of these dysfunctions, it becomes much easier to transmute them into characteristics that actually benefit your life.

They identify your unconscious patterns

We tend to get caught in painful patterns that we have adopted since we were little. This conditioning is caused by your parents and peers, your culture, religion, and the society you were raised in.

These patterns become so deeply lodged into your programming, that you are led to believe there’s no other option. But there is. Plant medicines help you recognize destructive patterns in yourself, as they force you to have a long hard look at why you are the way you are.

They help you change your perspective

Many people feel a stronger connection to their spiritual body, their feelings, and the Earth itself when taking these medicines. Especially when thrown into the deeper experiences that plant medicines can induce, it’s difficult NOT to have some major shifts in perception.

These shifts can help you view your reality in a much healthier light. One that instills optimism, gratitude, and other high vibrational outlets that allow you to see the beauty in life.

They push you to become a better person

You are likely to broaden your understanding of fundamental truths, and these truths put you on a better trajectory toward health and happiness.

This might be the recognition that wrongdoing is caused by wounds, that healing leads to happiness, or that being at service to humanity is the greatest way to achieve inner fulfillment. By learning these fundamental truths, plant medicines help you cultivate better ways of living.

They challenge your belief systems

Plant medicines dissolve outdated belief systems that no longer serve you, and help you rebuild healthier ones. With the help of plant medicines, ignorance becomes difficult to hold onto because they make you question things. They help you see alternate perspectives and cultivate new understandings which help you achieve a higher quality of life.

They help you surrender to the unknown

Learning to surrender is such a pivotal skill as resistance is a primary root of suffering. When you’re thrown into the unknown, you learn quickly not to resist, because resisting the experience can make it much more painful.

So you learn to flow, accept, and learn from what the medicines are trying to teach you. When you apply the same mentality to your life, it’s much easier to accept of your life condition and allow your life experience to take you to the next chapter.

They help you become comfortable with mortality

Being comfortable with your mortality is a huge relief. All fear is rooted in our sense of mortality. It’s a big reason why you take your life so seriously, and drum up such little matters to be life or death – because, to your ego, they are.

These experiences help you gain new perspectives about death, and help you find peace with your short time on this planet. Instead of being a questionable horror, death becomes a beautiful mystery. This opens up so many doorways and provides a sense of freedom that can’t be attained while latching onto the permanency of life.

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