How To Practice Self-Compassion When You Feel Unsupported

Feel like there's not a soul to help you? Learn how to be your own savior

Let me lead you through this process of self-compassion to genuinely feel all the love and support the universe has to offer.

Showing self-compassion during those dark moments

Spirit of compassion

What does it mean to be self-compassionate?

Being self-compassionate is like offering a warm embrace to yourself during tough times. It’s about treating yourself with the same understanding that you’d show to a close friend who’s going through a rough patch.

Self-compassion involves acknowledging your struggles without judgment, being gentle with your feelings, and providing yourself with the support and encouragement needed to navigate through difficulties.

If you have a strong support circle, maybe you don’t need to rely on self-compassion so much, because you get it from others. But many of us don’t have that, at least not at times.

Self-compassion is essential when we’re going through something difficult and don’t have a soul to talk to. When we feel like nobody else is there for us, we must be there for ourselves.

Generally, I don’t rely on self-compassion. But there have been situations in my life where I had to be there for myself. And because I was going through something alone, I genuinely felt compassionate for myself, which made me feel supported by my own eternal spirit.

Identifying the help you need

Person praying to god

Exploring the underlying wound of your trigger

Visualize your higher self coming to the rescue

Sunrise over water water color

Everything you need is inside you

Supporting your lower self


1 comment

brenda 13 September 2023 - 1:57 am

” So if you feel like you desperately need something, think about what you’re missing in yourself, and how YOU can fulfil that need FOR yourself. ”

this really resonated for me….. can save friendships instead of blowing them off because
they triggered an old wound

I never thought about an “older”… wiser version of myself..reaching out to help that younger injured


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