How To Know If You’re Divinely Guided Or Not

Looking for a sign? Here's how you can tap into your divine guidance

Are you looking for a sign?

Because if there’s one thing you’ve learned, it’s that life is a convoluted journey. What you once thought to be a straight path became a labyrinth of tunnels. You go in circles and make unexpected turns, but are you supposed to be here, or are you just lost?

You might wonder if there’s something out there leading you toward some obscure final destination, and if there is, how do you know? Are you being divinely guided, and how do you know?

Divine guidance is real, but it might not be what you expect. Here I’m going to break down this concept for you from my understanding so that you can gain more clarity moving forward in life.

Understanding how divine guidance works

Divine guidance refers to tapping into a deeper knowing from spirit which directs you toward your highest interest.

I’ve taken some big plunges in my life because I felt an inexplicable connection towards a future that was yet to manifest.

This path led me to leave everything behind and travel for years on end. This feeling told me to move to Latin America and work with shamanic traditions, and trust that it would all work out the way it was supposed to.

I’ve had some incredible experiences, and the more I follow this internal guidance, the more my life unfolds into something magical.

This story hasn’t finished yet, so I can’t tell you how it ended. But if there is one thing I’ve learned from my experiences, it’s that we all have a role to play, karma wrote the script, and we are all divinely guided to ride it out.

There’s a part of you that knows all the answers. This part of you is infinitely old. Infinitely wise. It’s the one that put you here in the first place. Knowing this, would you trust it?

    Signs that you are divinely guided

    Is divine guidance external?

    I understand divine guidance as a deeper knowing that you can tap into. By tapping into a deeper part of your soul, the answers will appear. With that said, I also think guidance can manifest externally in what we understand as signs.

    So you might be wondering, how does this work?

    From my understanding, we are all the same infinite consciousness experiencing oneself in endless ways. You need to understand this concept for this to make sense.

    Since this reality is a manifestation of consciousness, the consciousness can orchestrate signs to essentially keep us aligned with our soul journey.

    These signs manifest in different forms. They might come on as a particularly vivid dream that inspired you to take action. It might be a conversation with a new face who unlocked a missing piece of information. Maybe there are synchronicities, or a sudden intuitive spike telling you which path to take.

    It doesn’t matter how the sign manifests.

    We all have a spiritual path to walk, and when we feel lost, we may experience signs in various forms to reroute us.

    That damn free-will thing, always complicating matters!

    Divine guidance and destiny

    I believe that our life journeys are based on blueprints. These blueprints were crafted by our karma and determine the lessons we’re supposed to learn in this lifetime.

    You can’t change the blueprint, as the major experiences will happen in one form or another, but free will allows you to navigate within the blueprint. Even though you’re destined to learn particular lessons, how you learn those lessons is based on free will.

    Imagine you came to Earth this time round to learn forgiveness. Free will determines if you organically come around by cultivating compassion, or if you experience something awful, which pushes you to a point where you need to forgive or it’s going to destroy you.

    Either way, you learned the lesson to pay your karmic debt, but the form in which it happened is up to you. Divine guidance is the compass leading you to the higher road, rather than the hellish road.

    What if I've lost my path?

    What you think your life journey will be like
    How your life journey actually is

    The thing about divine guidance is that you need to trust in it when things aren’t going to plan.

    You lost a good opportunity. You messed something up. You feel like your life has derailed.

    These are the moments that matter because it’s easy to trust in the grand plan when things are working out the way you expect.

    But when you’re caught by surprise, that’s when faith is necessary more than ever. You need to trust that what is in your highest interest will happen when you feel lost. Maybe for now, your highest interest is to go through some more lessons.

    You might not think it’s in your highest interest, but later on down the track you might be glad you were thrown a curveball that changed the trajectory of your life. Because now you’re more aligned with your destiny than you were before.

    Sure, it’s discouraging when things seem to be going well and suddenly, they’re not. But these experiences are also part of your path, and probably a necessary detour to get where you want to go.

    You don’t know your destination, that’s the whole point.

    So the track to get there might look very different from what you anticipated.

    Tapping into divine guidance

    Divine guidance from a spirit guide

    If you’re looking for divine guidance, ask for it.

    Who you’re asking doesn’t matter. Speak to god, your higher self, great spirit, your spirit guides. We’re all spirit. Putting the message out there that you’re ready to receive makes you more receptive to an answer.

    I like to pray when I feel lost, and I always feel like those prayers are answered. Nowadays it seems to happen almost immediately when I receive an email, an opportunity pops up, or I get a wave of inspiration or a new idea.

    This happened today. I was sitting in a park thinking about how nice it would be if a big opportunity came my way. I wasn’t expecting anything or even really asking, I was sorta just thinking about my life, and what sort of opportunities will come into it.

    Later that evening I was checking my phone and realized I missed an email from a big publication telling me they want to publish an article of mine. How did I miss this email? I check my emails daily. Why did an opportunity manifest in my inbox when I was pondering about it the same day?


    Divine guidance, moving me along a higher path.

    Who knows, maybe it’s just a coincidence. But I don’t think it is, and I’m going to trust my intuition on this one.

    On the other hand, when anything goes right, I express my gratitude towards whatever is out there pulling the strings. So when you need divine guidance, ask for it from the heart, and keep your eyes open for how the answer will manifest in your life.

    And don’t forget to say thanks!

    Be generally receptive to people

    People are a major source of information and inspiration, and great spirit certainly works through them too. This is why it’s so important to be receptive to people (generally speaking) and hear what they have to say.

    I’m not talking about someone just giving you advice (although divine guidance may manifest in this way too). But in my experience, sometimes people randomly say something that strikes a resonating chord, and I get an epiphany of sorts.

    To me, that’s divine guidance.

    In my life, great spirit has worked through some interesting characters.

    From a person sitting next to me on the train and blabbering on about having a spiritual episode. It’s hard to describe, but that’s what I needed right then to reinstill my faith.

    Another time, a random woman walked up to me and asked ‘Do you know ayahuasca?’ out of the blue when I was sitting by myself, coincidently days before starting work at an ayahuasca center. We had a chat. She was a medium and told me some interesting things about my life.

    Divine guidance.

    Another time I had a crazy guy (or maybe just a very ungrounded guy)  stopping me in the street as I was walking past and ranting on about some pretty heavy spiritual stuff. But it made sense, and it gave me some foresight because I listened.

    Any one of these people I could have shooed off, but I’m glad I didn’t because great spirit spoke to me through them.

    There have been many more times this has happened that I won’t get into here, and many synchronicities ensue.

    Follow your intuition

    You might hear me harp on intuition a lot within my teachings, and that’s because trusting intuition is incredibly important.

    Your intuition is your internal compass. It will always point you toward your highest path because your intuition is much more connected with spirit than your mind.

    Your mind is the dumbest of the bunch. There have been a few times where I said:

    “You know what, this time I’m going to follow my mind and see where this leads me”

    I still learned some good lessons. Had some good experiences. But never has following my mind over my heart resulted in my highest path. Usually, it has been a drag. Not necessarily times of my life I would want to reenact. But those lessons reinforced the belief that the heart wins over the mind.

    Therefore, follow your heart, not your mind.

    Sometimes you might be faced with a crossroads where your heart will be saying one thing and your mind another. Your mind will try to convince you by saying

    ‘But this is the logical option! it would be silly to decide on a whim’.

    Your heart on the other hand will argue that as long as you do what you believe is in your highest interest, you are divinely guided.

    I’m not saying that you should make bad decisions because you didn’t calculate anything, but prioritize the wisdom of your heart and use your mind as a tool to support it.

    Hold your vision

    Your ability to hold a vision anchors you to your highest timeline, and is a big part of the manifestation process.

    I had a vision of sitting in front of a sacred fire talking to a shaman about the red road (and feeling supported in the decision to walk it). That exact scene came to fruition because I held such a strong vision of it happening.

    Honestly, it’s hard to describe just how much of a mindfuck this can be. If you hold a vision and feel it with your heart and soul like you’re constantly playing out your biggest fantasy, it borders on the line of becoming a premonition.

    But it has to be genuine! You can’t force the vision.

    Even though I believe that your path is laid out, you still need to do everything you can to ensure that you take the highest timeline.

    And you just don’t know.

    Perhaps your destiny is to never find the motivation and to learn the painful sting of never living up to your potential. Maybe that is your destiny, I don’t know. But you want to do everything in your power, regardless, to manifest the life you dream of.

    And if you are supposed to actualize and have a great life, that’s how you get there. If you are meant to burn out, at least you tried your absolute hardest, and can more easily accept the path your soul chose for this lifetime.

    Accept what's outside of your control

    Were you supposed to meet up with people and there was a sudden change of plans? You weren’t meant to meet up with them that day.

    Did something unexpected happen? It was meant to be.

    Did things go well? Perfect, you’re on the right track.

    Did things go wrong? Perfect, you’re being shown the right track.

    Learn to perceive every occurrence in your life in a frame of nonresistance. No matter what happens, look at it in a way that it was ultimately in your highest interest. This way of looking at life has brought me so much closure. Even if something does not go as planned, there is always a silver lining.

    I believe that it was not in my highest interest, and something else will be. I just need to find out what it is.

    Look at life through a frame where everything that happens, happens for you. There’s a higher meaning to everything, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.

    Of course, this isn’t an excuse to not try, because you absolutely should. Of course, you want to do what is within your control, but if it’s not, then life is pushing you in that direction for a reason. Why is this happening?

    Have trust in your path

    Ultimately, have faith.

    Have faith that your path is the perfect path for your soul’s journey, and what it needs to experience at this time.

    There will be times when you feel discouraged. Sometimes you will feel like you’re failing or regressing. But I can guarantee you that whatever you’re going through is part of the process. Your life is taking you through the hoops it needs to go through.

    Remember, unexpected turns are just the beginnings of new chapters.

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