How to Manifest Joy When You’re in Pain

It's hard to manifest when you're in pain. Is it possible, or just a pipe-dream?

You’ve probably heard plenty about manifestation: Put your energy into something you want, and it’ll materialize into your reality. Sounds great and all, but sometimes manifestation can be a little confusing.

Maybe things just aren’t going your way. No matter how hard you try to turn your life around, inevitably you seem to be sucked deeper into this abyss of misery.

So you’re worried.

What if this job opportunity falls through?

What if this date doesn’t go as planned?

What if my life comes crashing down?

While in this state of fear, you’re thinking this whole manifestation thing isn’t as easy as it has been laid out to be.

That’s why I want to clear some things up in this article.

Here we’re going to explore manifesting when you’re scared, because fear can intervene. We’re going to look at how you can fix the manifestation engine to attract experiences into your life that bring you joy.

How does manifestation work?

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I’m not going to dive too deep into manifestation here as I’ve written a comprehensive article on it. but here’s the gist.

Manifestation refers to the law of attraction – A spiritual law of the universe.

Energy is energy, meaning your internal reality will create a congruency with your external reality, to create what I call energetic osmosis. Vibration acts as a magnet which creates a congruency with the external condition.

If you’re in low-vibrational states where you’re experiencing feelings such as fear, the external universe will match this vibration – Meaning you will attract more experiences that are on the same wavelength as fear.

On the other hand, if you’re experiencing high-vibrational states such as love and gratitude, the same phenomenon occurs. More experiences will unfold in your life that resonate with your frequency – Because the external reality wants to be in balance with the internal reality.

Can you manifest if you're feeling down?

If you’re in a low-vibrational state where you’re feeling scared, worried, or stressed, manifesting high-vibrational experiences into your life won’t work. At least not until you raise your vibration.

This is a big misconception I want to address.

First off, if you put all of your focus on creating positive experiences while you feel miserable – You’re spiritually bypassing, and this is going to come back around and kick your butt.

Spiritual bypassing is when you shift your focus towards experiences of positivity rather than doing the shadow work and healing the wound causing the pain.

Secondly, manifestation works on vibration. If you’re in a low-vibrational state, naturally you’re going to attract more painful experiences which act as prompts for shadow work and healing.

You don’t manifest painful experiences because the universe wants to kick you while you’re down. You manifest more painful experiences as a learning mechanism – To provide the insights and realizations to climb out of the hole you’re in.

If we could just bail ourselves out of any difficult situation by manifesting a better situation, we wouldn’t grow as people.

Steps to manifest when you're feeling low

experiencing joy with a pet

Manifesting when you’re experiencing low-vibrational states such as fear or guilt doesn’t work, because the outer reality aims to meet the vibration of the inner reality. If your inner reality is dark, life is going to respond to that darkness.

This is why it’s important to learn how to process and heal your pain, and then organically shift towards high-vibrational states.

Once you reach these high-vibrational states of consciousness where you’re oozing with gratitude, love, and compassion, you will begin creating a heavenly existence – Flowing with opportunities, coincidences, and amazing experiences you can barely contain.

So let’s look at some steps you can take to manifest when you’re feeling fear, doubt, or other dense energies.

Do the shadow work

People shift into dense states of consciousness to learn. If you refuse to learn the lessons, you stay in those dense states of consciousness. If you learn the lessons, you will naturally heal, evolve, and reach lighter states of consciousness.

Therefore, when you’re feeling something heavy, you need to do the inner work. You simply won’t be able to manifest positive experiences into your life while your energy is dense.

Start by:

  • Processing the experience you’re going through
  • Sitting with the pain in whichever form it has manifested
  • Learn the lessons and insights
  • Make the necessary behavioral and cognitive changes
  • Start feeling better and manifesting from there

Of course, every situation is unique, but these are the general guidelines for healing.

Raise your vibration

If you want to start manifesting the things you actually want, there’s a very obvious solution.

Raise your vibration, and the Universe will reciprocate.

You see, the Universe doesn’t speak English, or Spanish, or Hebrew. It only recognizes one language which is vibration.

Ask yourself, is your energy calibrated with abundance, or is it aligned with disappointment? Does it feel like you’re already living your dreams, or is there separation between these states of consciousness?

Manifestation is a double-edged sword. It doesn’t give you what you want. It gives you more of what you already have. This can be a pretty relentless cycle but don’t blame the Universe. It’s just matching your vibration.

Therefore, it’s crucial to let go of this fear. One of the best ways to do this is to express more gratitude, more often.

Set intentions

Desire is a powerful force.

Intentions act as your internal compass pointing toward the reality you want. By holding your intentions close, you’re constantly making actions and decisions that move you in the right direction.

Let me make it clear that expecting a particular result is not the way to go.

Expecting something to unfold will have undesired consequences as the expectation isn’t a positive energetic frequency.

Therefore, hold your intentions close, but don’t expect the reality you want to mysteriously appear out of thin air.

Let go of the outcome

A big reason why you’re trapped in painful states is because you’re holding onto the outcome.

I know what it’s like, I’ve been there.

You worry that if the result you’re looking for doesn’t come to fruition, your life is going to fall apart. But I can tell you from experience that this isn’t the case.

To get over this fear you need to be at peace with the outcome, for better or worse. By doing so, you’re more likely to manifest better things in your life, because you’re no longer holding onto this stress.

Get out of your mind and into your body

Fear is a construct of the mind. You may have been told otherwise, but holding on to fear is a choice. In other words, you create your hell by worrying about what could happen.

By fixating on the future, you turn the smallest matters into big ordeals.

I used to worry a lot about things going wrong too. But now I see clearly because I live in the here and now. If I’m experiencing difficulties, I allow myself to really feel the experience. If I’m feeling great, I soak in those blissful feelings.

You see, if you’re fully present, fear can’t take hold because it propagates through thought. Therefore, it’s important to ground yourself.

Focus on how ample life is at this very moment. You’re safe, you’re comfortable, you have everything you need. You just need to remember to bring it back every time your mind drifts away.

Trust in the Universe

You need trust if you want to manifest high-vibrational experiences into your life. Trusting that all happens for a reason is powerful. It alleviates stress, worry, and fear of the unknown.

Putting your faith in something bigger than you can help get rid of that deep-rooted fear. It’s necessary to transcend your fear to make manifestation work in your favor.

Have trust that whatever happens is meant to happen. When you think of life through this lens, it’s much easier to look beyond the fear and be at peace.

This acceptance will help you get out of the vibrational rut that you’re in, which in turn helps you manifest better things. With no fear, positive intentions, and desirable feelings, you might be surprised just how well things work out for you.

Ultimately, realize that manifestation is not something you do. It’s a state of consciousness that naturally magnetizes the same frequencies into your life – In the form of thoughts, feelings, ideas opportunities, people, and experiences.

The aim of the game is to feel clean, healthy, and happy, and the rest will follow suit. Don’t pull a muscle trying to manifest your way out of your situation, but trust that you’re here for a reason.

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