Emotional Detoxing: Purging Dense Energy Via Catharsis

Understand the metaphysics of catharsis, and how to leverage it to purge energies that no longer serve you

If you have an act for helping people through their problems, you may find that people often turn to you for help. Maybe they deliberately seek you out, but often there’s an unconscious magnetism which is a sign that you’re a true healer.

Being a go-to for healing can be exhausting at times, but there’s a reason why people tend to unload their problems on you.

It’s your energy.

People trust you. They feel like you’re a safe container who will listen to them.

Helping people is great, and if there is one thing the world needs more of, it’s healers. But there are also complications.

Sometimes people will drain your battery. They’re dumping all of this negative energy that you can take on yourself (especially if you’re sensitive to energy). Sometimes people will take advantage of you or overstep their boundaries.

Let’s look at how you can offload any negative energy you take on through emotional detoxing.

Releasing dense energy

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Dense energy (also known as negative energy) is a quality of energy that feels heavy and miserable. It’s a quality of energy (or vibration) associated with suffering, therefore energies such as guilt, shame, and resentment are dense.

Dense energy can be induced by trauma and it tends to build up if we don’t process it. It’s stored in your emotional body and tends to get trapped there. When negative energy is trapped in your emotional body, it manifests into other forms of dysfunction.

When people experience trauma, the negative energy is stored in their bodies until they release it. From a more psychological perspective, we understand the release of negative energy as catharsis. From a more holistic perspective, we understand this as purging.

It’s great to help people release negative energy by providing the space that facilitates catharsis, but you do need to learn how to do it in a way where you avoid taking on this energy.

Energy is a property of the universe rather than a construct of the brain. This means that energy exists outside of the body, and you can take on dense energy that is being purged.

Taking on energy works in the same way that you vicariously feel the good vibes of someone who is dancing, singing, and feeling amazing, because they’re radiating positive energy.

Keep it casual

Get on the person’s level. It’s important to be on their wavelength because they need to have that emotional connection with you if they’re going to allow themselves to be vulnerable with you.

Therefore, you need to be a safe, grounded presence so the person you’re with can let their guard down around you. If they feel any pressure, or even the slightest bit uncomfortable around you, they’re going to lock up and keep it all bottled in.

Hold space for the person you're with

Holding space for someone means to be completely present with them by connecting emotionally, and providing a space that feels safe for them to go through their processes. The point of holding space for someone is to create an environment where the person you’re helping can open up and express themself without judgment or consequence. 

If you are holding space for the person, they’re probably not going to have any issue opening up about their problems when you touch on them.

Encourage the person to purge

When someone stores a lot of negative energy in their body, there needs to be some sort of release value.

When you’re helping someone out, you want them to purge so that they expunge some of the negative energies they’re holding onto.

Puring is cathartic. People usually release negative energy by crying, ranting, labored breathing, panicking, yelling, and getting emotional in whatever form it comes. Purges can be quite intense because the person purging is discharging a lot of negative energy.

Help the person Integrate

After the person gets it all out, they’re going to feel a lot better. The energy level will lighten up and all the tension in the air will disappear.

Now that they’ve gotten out a lot of that charged energy, the person will usually say they feel much better or thank you for listening to them. This calm after the storm provides a great environment for reflection.

Taking precautions

Puring negative energy from emotional body
Do you ever find that you take on other people’s problems?⁣ You might be great at helping them get rid of negative energy, but you tend to sponge it all up. 
After holding space for someone who purges, they feel a whole lot better, but you feel worse? That’s because you’re not protecting yourself, rather you’re soaking up that energy.
For people who are empathic, sometimes it’s hard to avoid taking on other people’s problems. But there are things you can do to help protect you.
Here are some things you can do to protect yourself and clear unwanted energies.⁣

Set healthy boundaries

When people see that they can easily release their problems around you, some people might try to take advantage of you.⁣

That's why it's important to set healthy boundaries and be wary about who you spend your time around. That's their energy you're taking on, you have no responsibility to do so, even if it helps them, so make sure you're conscious about who you share your energy with.⁣

Ground yourself

Make sure you remain grounded in your interactions with other people. Be present, breathe, stand in your power as a conduit who has control over the situation rather than as sponge who is at mercy of the situation.⁣

If someone's trying to take advantage of your presence or disrespect your boundaries, cut them off. Protect 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘴𝘦𝘭𝘧 first, then help others when it feels right for 𝘺𝘰𝘶.⁣

Use fire as a container

You might notice that during ceremonies, there is usually a fire. Fire acts as a container for energy which absorbs and transmutes it.⁣

When you're doing healing work with people, it's always good to have fire in the healing space.

If you don't have the capacity to create a bonfire, it's a good idea to have candles, or other sources of fire in the space that you're holding for them.

When someone purges energies around a fire, it does most of the work for you and prevents build up of negative energy in your energetic body.⁣

Purge anything you took on

Sometimes you will take on stuff. If you spend some time helping someone release some serious pain, you might start feeling exhausted, anxious, ungrounded, even depressed.

This can manifest as illness, getting sick, having physiological symptoms etc. And you can't always avoid taking on other people's stuff. When you take on the energy of other people, it's now your problem to dispel that energy. And the only way you can really do that is to treat it like your own trauma.⁣

So you need to purge, do shadow work, release, and heal. This process can take time, depending how efficient you are at it, and what exactly you took out of the person who you were helping.

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