The Prophecy of the Eagle And The Condor

Learn about the Andean prophecy of the eagle and the condor, and why it's more relevant now than ever

The story of the eagle and the condor is an ancient prophecy told by native Americans.

This prophecy is well known within the Andean healer circles, and having sat in many ceremonies myself, it’s something I’ve become familiar with.

Unlike many stories that don’t make a whole lot of sense, I truly believe in the prophecy of the eagle and the condor and see it unfolding more with every passing moment. Now we’re entering the golden age of this prophecy as it becomes more relevant now than it ever has been before.

So what is what does this prophecy predict? What can we learn from it?

Well, I’m going to shed some light on it here, so let’s get into it.

Understanding the prophecy

Qero people of peru

The story of the eagle and the condor represents the masculine and feminine constituents of civilization and the interplay between them. 

Within this prophecy, these two birds resemble the yin and yang of our civilization. The eagle represents the divine masculine construct, while the condor represents the divine feminine construct.

Originally told by the Q’ero, the two birds once flew in the same skies until the early 1500s, which resembled a shift in the collective humanity. The eagle people who resembled power and expansionism drove away the condor people who represented culture and tradition.

The separation of these two birds symbolized the division between Eastern and Western culture, and the shifting into a new era of humanity. The era of European settlement had begun, and this marked a movement into the era of the eagle.

The beginning of the pachakuti

It is said that every 500 years comes a new era called a Pachakuti. A pachakuti resembles a shift in the collective consciousness between a mind-oriented humanity (masculine) and a heart-oriented humanity (feminine).

In other words, a Pachakuti resembles the uniting of the divine masculine and feminine energies on a global scale.

The previous Pachakuti symbolized the era of the eagle, and a swing into the masculine dynamic of the collective consciousness.

The period of the Eagle began with the age of Western colonialism. Since then, the world has become rife with industrialization and expansion. Values have become more materialistic, while much of the ancient wisdom in our civilization was lost.

This era has carried on to the present day and is responsible for the lifestyle people typically lead (busy, productive, active). This era is a reflection of where the collective humanity is right now, and what values we collectively inherit.

We’re now entering the next Pachacuti, which represents a collective shift towards the feminine. This signifies a shift towards heart-centered values, culture, and tradition.

It’s only a matter of time until the eagle and the condor reunite, bringing balance to the world, and signifying a new era of consciousness that humanity will (and has already begun to) reach.

The era of the eagle

The eagle resembles the masculine constituent of duality. The current construct of our world is in the Eagle paradigm which reflects our cognitive, expansionistic, technological world.

Since colonialism, the world has undergone a boom of development. Globalization has gobbled up the furthest reaches of civilization, and in the process, we have lost our connection to spirit. Wealth has become the driving factor of society, while our cultural mentality is to accrue.

The modern world moves with a sense of urgency, and people feed into the idea of always doing, achieving, and succeeding. Western culture is centered around the structure’s function. It’s like a giant machine that we’re all little cogs of.

Western cultures tend to be analytical, logical, and efficient. Due to this construct, science takes precedence over spirituality. Much of the ancient wisdom of humanity has been buried under the louder, but more superficial values and ideologies of Western society.

The Western machine is evolving with every passing minute. This results in massive displays of products, businesses, and franchises. You have everything you could dream of, yet it feels so hollow.

The era of the condor

The condor represents the divine feminine aspect of our civilization. This is the heart of the body, while the eagle represents the mind.

The condor represents Eastern culture. Spirituality, culture, and tradition take precedence, as do qualities that are closely associated with the divine feminine such as compassion and intuition.

The Eastern cultural mentality tends to be warm and passive, as opposed to productive and active. The Eastern mindset is more about community and connection. Think about the old way of life before colonialism, where people lived closely with the land in small communities.

There is a different paradigm at play which is less concerned with materialism because people have different values that are more intrinsic. There’s an attention to detail that is missed in the masculine construct, as the condor way of life is to stop and smell the roses.

As Eastern culture tends to lack the drive and ambition found within the masculine construct, many Eastern cultures are still developing. The beautiful thing about these places is not the booming economies, impressive technology, or vast city skylines, but the gentle flow of existence.

The Eastern cultural mentality is to live simply. People aren’t always looking into the future with the burden of needing to make something out of their lives. Mother nature provides all, and is given back to to keep balance with the planet.

Union of the eagle and condor

condor 4434285 1280

Big movements are happening around the world, right now, and it’s becoming evident that humanity is making a pushback to our roots (spurred by the consequences of our overindulgence and greed).

Spirituality is starting to make a resurgence, as with older traditions, ceremonies, and cultures.

We are seeing a push towards the intrinsic realm, where spiritual practices like meditation and yoga are becoming more prevalent. The collective mindset is gradually changing as we see the dysfunction caused by the untamed masculine paradigm.

It is evident that the paradigm of the eagle and the condor are converging, and this signifies the next leap in consciousness for our species.

The shift in humanity

Eastern values are making a resurgence in the modern world. Whether these values revolve around developing a stronger connection with spirit and our ancestral roots, cultivating a deeper sense of meaning, or just slowing down.

These intrinsic values are creating a counterbalance to the Western machine. Western cultures are beginning to adopt practices, ideologies, knowledge, and mindsets from Eastern cultures. More people are turning to traditional practices such as ceremonies and rituals.

People are beginning to question the driven but hollow behemoth of a system, and seeking presence, community, and warmth more than ever. In the age of communication, every day is nudging a toenail closer, and integrating further to unity. We are returning to our roots and the lost wisdom of our ancestors, and this is a key to the next stage of our evolution.

Integrating civilization

Both the masculine and feminine paradigms have their advantages and disadvantages. Neither is better or worse, just different.

For an effective civilization that steps forward instead of backward, it needs to integrate both the masculine and feminine constituents. With a balance between the two, we would have a much more unified civilization.

Humanities evolution will speed up and the collective consciousness will evolve through this process. But we must do our work to encourage this movement of integration, as our current paradigm is unsustainable.

For humanity to thrive, we must integrate masculine and feminine principles into our own lives. This allows us to find balance within ourselves, and reflect this among the collective.

Predictions for the future

As this Pachacuti is currently underway, we’re going to see some big changes in all aspects of life.

I’m going to tell you what I predict will happen based on current trajectories. These are only predictions, so take them with a grain of salt.

    • Decentralization of power: More people will seek to live communally and sustainably. We are seeing this in the movement towards self-sustainable communities, and the growing concern of government overreach.
    • Resurgence of ceremonies: As going to a bar or cafe is a common occurrence now, ceremonies and rituals will become commonplace in the future.
    • Spiritual education: Spiritual practices and education of spirituality will become a common theme within society. Spirituality will become a recognized part of life.
    • Self-sustainability: Many people will source their food and resources, rather than rely on corporations.
    • Shift in values: Collectively, we’re going to start valuing different things. Instead of materialism, wealth, and status, we will value community, connection, and the simple things in life.

    With that said, we’re in an exciting, and pivotal era of human consciousness. Encouraging the Eastern paradigm to join in harmony is how we move further as a species.

    We are closer to that day than we think.

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